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Poll: Favorite WWE Wrestler

Which of these Wrestlers (was/is) your favorite?

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    Mark Calaway in WrestleMania 13 (1997)

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    Harry Fujiwara and Bret Hart in WrestleMania IX (1993)

    Bret Hart
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    Dwayne Johnson in Summerslam (2001)

    The Rock
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    Shawn Michaels in WrestleMania XII (1996)

    Shawn Michaels
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    Hulk Hogan in American Gladiators (2008)

    Hulk Hogan
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    WrestleMania VI (1990)

    Ultimate Warrior
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    Paul Levesque in WrestleMania X8 (2002)

    Triple H
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    Steve Austin in WWE No Way Out (2003)

    Steve Austin
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    Chris Jericho in WWE: Extreme Rules (2009)

    Chris Jericho
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    Brock Lesnar in WWE Unforgiven (2002)

    Brock Lesnar
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    Bill Goldberg in WWE Bad Blood (2003)

    Bill Goldberg
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    Jeff Hardy in WWE Armageddon (2008)

    Jeff Hardy
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    Rob Van Dam in ECW One Night Stand (2006)

    Rob Van Dam
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    Kurt Angle in WWF No Mercy (2001)

    Kurt Angle
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    Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna, Harry Fujiwara, and Bret Hart in WrestleMania IX (1993)

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    Dave Bautista in WWE No Way Out (2006)

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    Rey Mysterio in WWE No Way Out (2006)

    Rey Mysterio
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    Scott Hall and Sean Waltman in In Your House 6 (1996)

    Razor Ramon
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    Survivor Series (1991)

    Ric Flair
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    Kevin Nash in King of the Ring (1995)

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    John Cena in WWE New Year's Revolution (2006)

    John Cena
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    Bryan Danielson in WrestleMania XXX (2014)

    Daniel Bryan
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    Mick Foley in WWE Backlash (2004)

    Mick Foley
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    Paul Wight

    Big Show
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    Glenn Jacobs and Paul Wight in WWE Armageddon (2005)

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    Booker Huffman in WWE Great American Bash (2006)

    Booker T
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    Carlos Cabrera, Adam Copeland, Amy Dumas, Mike Chioda, and John Cena in WWE New Year's Revolution (2006)

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    Bobby Lashley in WWE One Night Stand (2007)

    Bobby Lashley
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    Randy Orton in WWE No Mercy (2007)

    Randy Orton
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    Stephen Farrelly in WWE Extreme Rules (2010)

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    CM Punk in TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2011)

    C.M. Punk
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    André René Roussimoff and Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania III (1987)

    Andre the Giant
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    Joe Anoa'i in WrestleMania 32 (2016)

    Roman Reigns
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    Jonathan Good in WWE Money in the Bank (2015)

    Dean Ambrose
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    Colby Lopez in WWE at Ringside Fest (2015)

    Seth Rollins

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