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Poll: Join A Television Family: 2000-2019 Edition

If you are/were a teenager, which of these television families would you like to join? Eligible candidates for this list * Pretend the storyline is "real" - you're not an actor with that cast, you're in the world created by that show in that family as a full fledged member of that family (for better or worse!) * started airing between 2000-present. * have at least one parent and one child already. You are another child, assuming the current parent or parent(s) stay and the current kids are your "siblings". * are live action * there's no "supernatural/alien/magic" element - that's for another poll! * the family interactions are "central" to the theme and not incidental.

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    Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

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    Six Feet Under (2001)

    The Fishers
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    George Lopez (2002)

    The Lopezes
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    Arrested Development (2003)

    The Bluths
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    Rescue Me (2004)

    The Gavins
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    The Tudors (2007)

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    Modern Family (2009)

    The Pritchetts and the ­Dunphys
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    Breaking Bad (2008)

    The Whites
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    The Good Wife (2009)

    The Florricks
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    Castle (2009)

    The Castles
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    Downton Abbey (2010)

    The Crawleys
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    Blue Bloods (2010)

    The Regans
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    Mad Men (2007)

    added 1/16/2014

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