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Poll: Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Many of us had a Magic 8 Ball as kids ("Signs point to yes"). The following list contains 8 highly regarded films with the number 8 or the word eight in their title. From these movies which would your Magic 8 Ball choose?

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    8½ (1963)

    Magic 8 ball says, 'It is certain...there is no better film.'
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    1984 (1984)

    Magic 8 ball says, 'Without a doubt...there is no other choice.'
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    Super 8 (2011)

    Magic 8 ball says, 'As I see it, yes...this is the film.'
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    Eight Below (2006)

    Magic 8 ball says, 'You may rely on it...this surpasses all others.'
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    Dinner at Eight (1933)

    Magic 8 ball says, 'Yes. It can't get any simpler than that.'
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    Eight Men Out (1988)

    Magic 8 ball says, 'Outlook good. This is the one.'
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    Hard Eight (1996)

    Magic 8 ball says, 'As I see it, yes. If you've seen it.'
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    The Hateful Eight (2015)

    Magic 8 Ball says, 'Ask again later...after you've seen this.'

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