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Poll: Arrow's Best Villains

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Who would've thought that when Arrow launched back in 2012 it would serve as the launch pad for a massive franchise that has come to include shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Vixen.

Each season has its main villain. Which of the following villains did you like the most? After voting, discuss here.

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    John Barrowman at an event for Arrow (2012)

    Malcolm Merlyn - Season 1
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    Manu Bennett in Arrow (2012)

    Slade Wilson - Season 2
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    Matt Nable in Arrow (2012)

    Ra's al Ghul - Season 3
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    Neal McDonough in Arrow (2012)

    Damien Darhk - Season 4
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    Josh Segarra in Arrow (2012)

    Adrian Chase - Season 5
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    Kirk Acevedo in Arrow (2012)

    Ricardo Diaz - Season 6

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