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Poll: Favorite Real Life Inventor Biopic

Which real life inventor or their biopic do you feel is the most inspirational?

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    The Imitation Game (2014)

    Alan Turing

    Mathematician, Codebreaker and Inventor

    Father of Modern Computers and Artificial Intelligence

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    The Aviator (2004)

    Howard Hughes

    Pioneer, Inventor, and Corporate Head in Film, Aviation and Aerospace

    Driving Force Behind Many Film, Aviation, Lingerie and Other Innovations

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    Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)

    Preston Tucker

    Inventor, Automobile Pioneer and Company Founder, Tucker Automobiles and Tucker Aircraft

    Driving Force Behind Many Automobile Innovations

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    Flash of Genius (2008)

    Robert Kearns


    Automobile Windshield Wiper and Other Inventions

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    Joy (2015)

    Joy Mangano

    Inventor and Company Founder

    Miracle Mop and Other Household Products

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    Steve Jobs (2015)

    Steve Jobs (and Steve 'Woz' Wozniak)

    Co-Founder and CEO Apple, Pixar and NeXT Computers

    Driving Force Behind Many Apple Products

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    Jobs (2013)

    Steve Jobs (and Steve 'Woz' Wozniak)

    Co-Founder and CEO Apple, Pixar and NeXT Computers

    Driving Force Behind Many Apple Products

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    The Secret Life of Nikola Tesla (1980)

    Nikola Tesla


    A/C Electrical Current and other Inventions

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    The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939)

    Alexander Graham Bell


    Inventor of Telephone (disputed) and Other Inventions

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    Edison, the Man (1940)

    Thomas A. Edison

    Inventor and Technology Pioneer

    Light Bulb, Phonograph and Many Other Inventions

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    My Life So Far (1999)

    Denis Forman

    TV Executive and Inventor

    Amateur Inventor

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    Carbine Williams (1952)

    Carbine Williams


    M1 Carbine Machine Gun Design

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    The Sea Inside (2004)

    Rámon Sampedro

    Euthansia Pioneer

    Legal Assisted Suicide Procedure

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    Something the Lord Made (2004)

    Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock

    Heart Surgery Pioneers and Inventors

    Pioneered Modern Heart Surgery Techniques and Instruments

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    Hysteria (2011)

    Dr. Mortimer Granville

    Inventor and Psychological Researcher


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    Quest for Fire (1981)



    Fire: Methods to Create, Transport and Applications

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    Dive Bomber (1941)

    Major Edward C. Schneider (and Others)

    Medical Researcher and Altitude Sickness Pioneer

    Invention of Pressure Suit and Pressurized Cockpit

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    Professor Marston & the Wonder Women (2017)

    William Moulton Marston

    Inventor and Psychological Researcher

    Systolic Blood Pressure Test, Lie Detector Pioneer, Wonder Woman Creator

    added 10 February 2018

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    The Odyssey (2016)

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau

    Inventor and Marine Conservation/Documentary/Underwater Photography Pioneer

    Co-Developer, Open-Circuit SCUBA System

    added February 2018

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    Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (2017)

    Hedy Lamar and George Antheil

    Torpedo Guidance Inventor and Wireless Phone-Bluetooth-Technology Pioneer

    Creators of "Frequency Hopping" Technology

    added 10 February 2018

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    Jefferson in Paris (1995)

    Thomas Jefferson

    Inventor and Democracy Pioneer

    Swivel Chair, "Great Clock", Lazy Susan and Many Others

    added 10 February 2018

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    The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936)

    Louis Pasteur

    Inventor, Medical Researcher and Germ Pioneer

    Vaccination, Microbial Fermentation and Pasteurization

    added 10 February 2018

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    Temple Grandin (2010)

    Temple Grandin Inventor and Autism Pioneer


    added 10 February 2018

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    The Social Network (2010)

    Mark Zuckerberg (and Others)

    Internet Pioneer

    Driving Force Behind and Facebook Creator

    added 10 February 2018

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    The Fifth Estate (2013)

    Julian Assange (and Daniel Berg)

    Internet Pioneer

    Driving Force Behind and WikiLeaks Creator

    added 10 February 2018

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    Longitude (2000)

    John Harrison

    Inventor and Clockmaker

    Invented Marine Chronometer, revolutionized sea navigation and greatly increased the safety of long-distance sea travel.

    added 24 October 2018

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    Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940)

    Dr. Paul Ehrlich

    Nobel prize-winning Immunology Pioneer

    He made important contributions in the treatment of syphilis, diphtheria, as well as, in the fields of chemotherapy and therapeutic serums and popularized the concept of a magic bullet.

    added 24 October 2018

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    The Current War: Director's Cut (2017)

    Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and George Westinghouse


    Electrical Current Systems and Other Related Inventions

    added 22 November 2019

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