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Poll: Most bogus "widening your appeal" roles

Of the many desperate attempts to crack the family market, who's provided the best working definition of "slumming"?

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    The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)

    Robert DeNiro
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    The Pacifier (2005)

    Vin Diesel
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    Herbie Fully Loaded (2005)

    Matt Dillon
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    Super Mario Bros. (1993)

    Dennis Hopper
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    Mr. Nanny (1993)

    Hulk Hogan
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    Tooth Fairy (2010)

    Dwayne Johnson
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    Junior (1994)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
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    Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992)

    Sylvester Stallone
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    Look Who's Talking (1989)

    John Travolta
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    The Country Bears (2002)

    Christopher Walken

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