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Poll: Casting for The Penguin

Rumors are circulating that Oswald Cobblepot will be making his way into the DCEU by way of The Batman (2022). He is a criminal mastermind and is one of Batman's most recognizable foes. From the options below who do you believe is the best choice?

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    Josh Gad

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    Paul Giamatti

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    Andy Serkis

  4. Vote!

    Tom Hollander

  5. Vote!

    Iwan Rheon

  6. Vote!

    Michael Stuhlbarg

  7. Vote!

    Toby Jones

  8. Vote!

    Mark Sheppard

  9. Vote!

    Peter Dinklage

  10. Vote!

    Tim Roth

  11. Vote!

    Dan Fogler

  12. Vote!

    Elijah Wood

  13. Vote!

    Timothy Spall

  14. Vote!

    Adrien Brody

  15. Vote!

    Stephen Graham

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    Andrew Scott

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    Daniel Radcliffe

  18. Vote!

    Jonah Hill

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    Richard Armitage

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