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Poll: Small Business Saturday

The first Saturday after Thanksgiving in the US is known as Small Business Saturday, meant to encourage folks to shop at small, local businesses for their gift-buying needs.

Which of these small businesses featured in a TV show would you most like to patronize to get your winter holiday gifts?

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    Are You Being Served? (1972)

    Grace Brothers, owned by Young Mr. Grace (Harold Bennett)
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    Bates Motel (2013)

    Artful Artifacts, owned by Will Decody (Ian Hart/Andrew Howard)
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    Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)

    Now Wear This, owned by Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) and Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth)
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    The Big Bang Theory (2007)

    The Comic Center of Pasadena, owned by Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman)
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    Black Books (2000)

    Black Books, owned by Bernard Black (Dylan Moran)
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997)

    Magic Box, owned by Rupert Giles (Anthony Head)
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    Ellen (1994)

    Buy the Book, owned by Ellen Morgan (Ellen DeGeneres)
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    Gilmore Girls (2000)

    Sophie's Music, owned by Sophie Bloom (Carole King)
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    Green Acres (1965)

    Drucker's Store, owned by Sam Drucker (Frank Cady)
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    Happy Days (1974)

    Cunningham Hardware, owned by Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley)
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    King of the Hill (1997)

    Strickland Propane, owned by Buck Strickland (Stephen Root)
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    Little House on the Prairie (1974)

    Oleson's Mercantile, owned by Nels (Richard Bull) and Harriet Oleson (Katherine MacGregor)
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    Noddy (1998)

    The NODDY shop, owned by Noah Tomten (Sean McCann)
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    Roseanne (1988)

    Lanford Custom Cycles, owned by Dan )John Goodman) and Rosanne Connor (Roseanne Barr)
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    Sanford and Son (1972)

    Sanford and Son Salvage, owned by Fred (Redd Foxx) and Lamont Sanford (Demond Wilson)
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    Sesame Street (1969)

    Hooper's Store, owned by Mr. Hooper (Will Lee)
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    Shameless (2011)

    Kash and Grab, owned by Kash (Pej Vahdat)
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    The Simpsons (1989)

    The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, owned by Jeff Albertson aka Comic Book Guy (Hank Azaria)
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    The Simpsons (1989)

    The Leftorium, owned by Ned Flanders (Harry Shearer)
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    That '70s Show (1998)

    Bargain Bob's, owned by Bob Pinciotti (Don Stark)

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