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Poll: Most Intense Sci-Fi Movie Scenes

This is the scifi-edition of the most-intense-movies-scenes-polls. According to IMDb poll board users, there are scenes in some movies that are so intense with emotion or situation or a special twist, that you will never forget them again. Which of these intense scifi-scenes below is your pick?

(Feel free to vote, even if you saw just a few of these movies. If you didn't see any of them, pick the one that you would watch the most likely)

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This is the fourth part.

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    Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

    'Close Encounters of the Third Kind': The encounter scene
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    Bruce Willis in Armageddon (1998)

    'Armageddon': The Harry Stamper says goodbye scene
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    Independence Day (1996)

    'ID4': The first wave of alien attacks
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    Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers (2016)

    'Passengers': Aurora and Jim, floating in free space
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    Christian Bale and Emily Watson in Equilibrium (2002)

    'Equilibrium': John Preston becoming seduced by Mary O'Brian and Mary's death scene
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    Sigourney Weaver and Tom Woodruff Jr. in Alien³ (1992)

    'Alien 3': Alien encounter with Ripley
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    Dennis Quaid and Bumper Robinson in Enemy Mine (1985)

    'Enemy Mine': Davidge and Zammis together again after coming to Zammis rescue - suggested by BlackBolt-3
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    Stephen Lang in Avatar (2009)

    'Avatar': Quaritch's order to destroy the home-tree of the Na'vi and the execution
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    Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

    'Terminator 2': Sarah Connor's nightmare of the nuclear war
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    James Cromwell, Jonathan Frakes, and LeVar Burton in Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

    'Star Trek: First Contact': Zefram Cochran launching the first warp flight - finding new friends
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    Brent Spiner in Star Trek: Generations (1994)

    'Star Trek: Next Generation': Data suffering an emotional burnout
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    Peter Coyote, Henry Thomas, and Mitch Suskin in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial': The death of E.T.
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    Ready Player One (2018)

    'Ready Player One': The epic battle scene
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    Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan in Tron (1982)

    'Tron': Flynn escapes at the last second - suggested by BlackBolt-3
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    Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, and Daft Punk in TRON: Legacy (2010)

    'Tron: Legacy': Meeting Daft Punk launching music for the battle in Castor's palace co-suggestion by BlackBolt-3
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    Under the Skin (2013)

    'Under The Skin': The black tar surface scenes
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    Brenton Thwaites in The Signal (2014)

    'The Signal': Revealing new realities
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    Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange (1971)

    'A Clockwork Orange': The re-education scene
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    Charles Hallahan in The Thing (1982)

    'The Thing': The transformation scenes
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    Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto in Star Trek (2009)

    'Star Trek': Young Mr. Spock meeting old Mr. Spock
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    Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, and Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds (2005)

    'War of the Worlds': Ray killing Harlan for saving Rachel
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    Louise Fletcher in Brainstorm (1983)

    'Brainstorm': Recording the heart attack scene
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    Ed Harris in The Abyss (1989)

    'The Abyss': Bud Brigman finding new friends co-suggestion by BlackBolt-3
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    Sigourney Weaver in Aliens (1986)

    'Aliens': Ripley fighting the alien queen
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    Daniel Richter in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

    '2001': The ape crashing bones scene
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    Pacific Rim (2013)

    'Pacific Rim': Raleigh Backet collapses with Gypsy Danger after the death of his brother - suggested by BlackBolt-3
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Darrell Mapson, Patrick Pinney, Bill W. Richmond, and Bob Ritchie in The Terminator (1984)

    'Terminator': The famous slow motion shooting scene at the Technoir disco
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    Sandra Bullock in Gravity (2013)

    'Gravity': Saved ! - Back on earth, touching it, loving it
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    Jodie Foster in Contact (1997)

    'Contact': The drop sequence - from the point of Eleanor Arroway, how she experienced it
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    Lucy (2014)

    'Lucy': Lucy meets prehistoric Lucy by time-mind-flip
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    Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo in Real Steel (2011)

    'Real Steel': Charlie teaches Atom how to fight their final fight - suggested by BlackBolt-3
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    Haley Joel Osment and Frances O'Connor in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

    'Artificial Intelligence: AI': The aliens grant David his innermost wish - to be together with his mum again -suggested by Mr. Tharindu
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    "Planet Of The Apes" Charlton Heston, Linda Harrison 1968 20th Century Fox

    'Planet of the Apes': George Taylor realizes that he is still on earth suggested by BlackBolt-3
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    WarGames (1983)

    'War Games': Playing Tic Tac Toe with Joshua suggested by BlackBolt-3
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    Stephanie Masoner in Mars Attacks! (1996)

    Mars Attacks!: Yodeling the aliens suggested by BlackBolt-3

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