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Poll: Indonesian Songs Dedicated to American Dramas

Which of these Indonesian songs most suits the American drama?

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    The Bold and the Beautiful (1987)

    "Dreams of Love" by Uchi Amyrtha and Iwan Zein
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    The Young and the Restless (1973)

    "What Do You Feel" by Ulfie
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    All My Children (1970)

    "Love Language" by Titi D. J.
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    Guiding Light (1952)

    "Sakura" by Fariz R. M.
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    Days of Our Lives (1965)

    "Why Do You Love Me?" by Koes Plus
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    Another World (1964)

    "For You, Everything" by Renee
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    Santa Barbara (1984)

    "I Love You, My Darling" by Yuyun Ayunda
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    General Hospital (1963)

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    As the World Turns (1956)

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    The Good Wife (2009)

    "Because I Loved You" by Arie Pradina

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