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Poll: Preferred Mode of Transport (On Land)

If you had the choice between all the means of transport shown in the images, which one would you chose? You can opt for comfort, speed, safety or be a daredevil and try something totally new and a bit more extraordinary - vote for the one that appeals the most to you!

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    Sean Connery in Goldfinger (1964)

    Sean Connery's classic James Bond sports car from Goldfinger (1964). Speed and comfort combined with elegance. Ideal for picking up a date.
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    Steve McQueen in The Great Escape (1963)

    Steve McQueen's vintage motorcycle from The Great Escape (1963). German roads are great - and the speed limit's very generous over there. What are you waiting for?
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    Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn's iconic Vespa scooter from Roman Holiday (1953). Ideal for romantic sightseeing in a Southern European capital.
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    Paul Newman and Katharine Ross in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

    Paul Newman's bicycle from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). Will travel two at a pinch. He's bringing Katherine Ross for a spin here.
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    Kim Basinger and Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again (1983)

    A horse. As demonstrated here by Sean Connery and Kim Basinger in Never Say Never Again (1983)
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    Peter O'Toole stars as T.E. Lawrence

    Peter O'Toole's camel from Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Supposedly rather uncomfortable, but will travel for days without water.
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    A team of huskies and a dog sled as demonstated here by Paul Walker and Bruce Greenwood in Eight Below (2006). You just have to hope all the dogs will go into the one direction, otherwise you might run into trouble.
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    Herbie. Needs no further introduction. Who could resist?
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    Alex Karras in Blazing Saddles (1974)

    Why not be different? Might be fun to go to the shops on top of a bullock with a very impressive set of horns. Like Alex Karras in Blazing Saddles (1974)
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    Charlton Heston in Ben-Hur (1959)

    If you're really in a hurry Charlton Hestons chariot from Ben-Hur (1959) might appeal. Could be a problem with parking though...
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    License to Thrill (1989)

    A pair of skis like these in License to Thrill (1989). Works better downhill than up though...
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    Vince Vaughn in Fred Claus (2007)

    Handy for narrow roads and requires minimal parking space. This tricycle is demonstrated by Vince Vaughn in Fred Claus (2007)
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    Richard Farnsworth, Joseph A. Carpenter, Ed Grennan, Jack Walsh, and Donald Wiegert in The Straight Story (1999)

    If you have all the time in the world and want to trim the grass on the roadside into the bargain, there's nothing like Richard Farnsworth's lawn tractor from The Straight Story (1999)
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    Dick Van Dyke, Adrian Hall, Sally Ann Howes, and Heather Ripley in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

    This car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) will also fly, but you'll have to share the space with Dick Van Dyke, Adrian Hall, Sally Ann Howes and Heather Ripley.
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    "Easy Rider" Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson 1969 Columbia

    Tour America (or any other part of the world) in style like Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider (1969)
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    Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, and Loris Loddi in Cleopatra (1963)

    If you want to make a grand entrance, do it like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963)
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    Ice Road Truckers: Off the Ice (2007)

    Some like their vehicles really big. Drive a truck like the daring drivers from Ice Road Truckers: Off the Ice (2007). It will also work on a better road...
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    Tom Hanks, Nona Gaye, Daryl Sabara, Josh Hutcherson, and Chantel Valdivieso in The Polar Express (2004)

    Ever dreamt of driving a steam engine? Well, here's your chance. And it's the magical train from The Polar Express (2004) too!
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    The Simpsons (1989)

    Riding - with a difference. Do it like Lisa from The Simpsons (1989). You'll win any show jumping competition on this mount!
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    Rowlie (Peter Dinklage).

    Peter Dinklage from Lassie (2005) travels with his home. If that's not your thing, a horse drawn caravan might still make a nice change for a short holiday.
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    Harrison Ford in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

    Harrison Ford's sturdy steed from Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) might be just the ticket this time of year if you live in a cold climate.
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    Speed Racer (2008)

    It might be hard to find a place where you can put this little beauty through her paces without risking a speeding ticket, but if you've always fancied yourself a Speed Racer (2008) this is the one for you.
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    "Damnation Alley" 1977 20th Century Fox

    Forget SUV's. This is much more fun! Go down Damnation Alley (1977) in this ultimate 4WD.
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    The Dark Knight (2008)

    A ride on The Dark Knight (2008)'s nifty little machine

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