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Poll: Celebrity-Owned Sports Teams

A sports team is one of the ultimate celebrity purchases. It definitely says, "I made it!" Based purely on who owns them (currently), not on your personal team preference or what sport you like, which team do you pick?

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* this poll was originally published on 2/1/15

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    Drew Carey

    Seattle Sounders (pro soccer)
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    Russell Crowe

    South Sydney Rabbitohs (rugby)
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    Magic Johnson

    Los Angeles Dodgers (pro baseball)
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    Michael Jordan

    Charlotte Hornets (pro basketball)
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    Shah Rukh Khan

    Kolkata Knight Riders (cricket)
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    Nick Lachey

    Tacoma Rainiers (Triple-A baseball)
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    David Letterman

    Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (IndyCar racing)
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    Bill Maher

    New York Mets (pro baseball)
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    Bill Murray

    St. Paul Saints, Fort Myers Miracle, Hudson Valley Renegades and Charleston RiverDogs (all minor league baseball)
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    Steve Nash

    Vancouver Whitecaps (pro soccer)
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    Nolan Ryan

    Round Rock Express (Triple-A baseball)
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    Shilpa Shetty Kundra

    Rajasthan Royals (cricket)
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    Gene Simmons

    and Paul Stanley of Kiss - Los Angeles Kiss (arena football)
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    Will Smith

    and Jada Pinkett Smith - Philadelphia 76ers (pro basketball)
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    Justin Timberlake

    Memphis Grizzlies (pro basketball)
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    Cleveland Cavaliers (pro basketball)
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    Michelle Williams

    of Destiny's Child - Chicago Sky (women's pro basketball)
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    Preity Zinta

    Kings XI Punjab (cricket)

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