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Poll: What might have been?

All of these actors died before age 30. Which one's career do you actively wonder would have been like today?

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    Judith Barsi

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    Jonathan Brandis

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    James Dean

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    Dominique Dunne

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    Josh Ryan Evans

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    Jean Harlow

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    Anissa Jones

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    Robert Knox

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    Sammi Kane Kraft

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    Heath Ledger

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    Brandon Lee

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    Johnny Lewis

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    Heather O'Rourke

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    River Phoenix

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    Freddie Prinze

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    Brad Renfro

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    Merlin Santana

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    Rebecca Schaeffer

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    Tupac Shakur

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    Sharon Tate

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    Andy Whitfield

    OOPS...our math is terrible! Andy Whitfield was actually 39 when he passed, not 29. Sorry for the mistake!
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    Lee Thompson Young

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    Jon-Erik Hexum

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