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Poll: Airport Scenes on "Friends"

Which of these Friends (1994) scenes that take place in an airport is your favorite?

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    Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer in Friends (1994)

    Ross has to give away his pet monkey Marcel to San Diego Zoo. The gang say their goodbyes at the airport before Ross shares one last moment with his animal friend.

    episode 1.21: The One with the Fake Monica (1995)

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    Jennifer Aniston in Friends (1994)

    Rachel goes to see Ross before he takes off, but he is already on the jetway, so she asks the gate agent to give him a message. However, the message is delivered to the wrong guy, and so Ross leaves for China unaware of Rachel's feelings.

    episode 1.24: The One Where Rachel Finds Out (1995)

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    Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Lauren Tom in Friends (1994)

    Rachel waits for Ross at the gate as he returns from China, planning to declare her love, but is surprised when she instead gets to meet his new girlfriend, Julie.

    episode 2.1: The One with Ross's New Girlfriend (1995)

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    Matthew Perry and Maggie Wheeler in Friends (1994)

    Chandler can't break up with Janice, so he tells her that his company is transferring him to Yemen. Naturally, Janice doesn't want to waste a second with him, so she accompanies him to the airport where he is forced to buy a real ticket and has to board the plane when she refuses to leave.

    episode 4.15: The One with All the Rugby (1998)

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    David Schwimmer and Helen Baxendale in Friends (1994)

    After spending two weeks with Ross, it's time for Emily to go back to London. At the gate, Ross tells Emily he loves her, and she responds with a 'thank you'.

    episode 4.17: The One with the Free Porn (1998)

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    Jennifer Aniston, Jane Carr, and Shelly Desai in Friends (1994)

    Rachel decides to go to London to tell Ross how she feels. At the airport, she realizes she forgot her passport at home and tries to bribe the gate agent with a twenty dollar bill.

    episode 4.24: The One with Ross's Wedding: Part 2 (1998)

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    Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in Friends (1994)

    Ross is waiting for Emily to join him on their honeymoon flight to Greece. When he doesn't think she will come, he asks Rachel to go with him instead. Just as they are about to board, Emily shows up and sees him ready to get on the plane with Rachel.

    episode 5.1: The One After Ross Says Rachel (1998)

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    Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer in Friends (1994)

    Ross and Phoebe rush to buy tickets to get past security, so he can catch Rachel before she leaves for Paris. When they can't find her, Ross calls Monica to get Rachel's flight information, and realizes they are at the wrong airport.

    episode 10.17: The Last One (2004)

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    Jennifer Aniston in Friends (1994)

    Meanwhile, Rachel is about to board the plane to Paris, but can't seem to find her boarding pass. She tells the gate agent that she remembers her seat was in 32C, because that is her bra size. She eventually finds the boarding pass in her bag.

    episode 10.17: The Last One (2004)

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    Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in Friends (1994)

    Thanks to a brilliant Phoebe, Ross gets a chance to speak with Rachel at Newark. Ross declares his love for her and asks her to stay with him. It's too much for her to take in at the moment, so she boards the plane anyway.

    episode 10.17: The Last One (2004)

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