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Poll: Zombie Apocalypse Weapons

Which of these weapons used by the veteran survivors of The Walking Dead (2010) would you recommend to the "rookie" characters from the spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead (2015)?

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    Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Rick Grimes' .357 MAGNUM COLT PYTHON.
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    Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Daryl Dixon's CROSSBOW
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    Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Michonne's KATANA BLADE
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    Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Glenn Rhee's BODY ARMOR
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    Sonequa Martin-Green in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Sasha Williams' SNIPER RIFLE WITH SILENCER (or any kind of firearm with a silencer)
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    Lennie James in The Walking Dead (2010)

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    Michael Rooker in The Walking Dead (2010)

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    Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead (2010)

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    Danai Gurira and Moses J. Moseley in The Walking Dead (2010)

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    Laurie Holden, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, Sarah Wayne Callies, Scott Wilson, Irone Singleton, Steven Yeun, and Clair Danielle Canterbury in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Hershel Greene's NOOSE WAND
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    David Morrissey, Alanna Masterson, and Juliana Harkavy in The Walking Dead (2010)

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    Michael Cudlitz in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Dr. Eugene Porter's BODYGUARD
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    The Walking Dead (2010)

    A good supply of explosives
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    Chad L. Coleman in The Walking Dead (2010)

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    Emily Kinney in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Just bring a flashlight (preferably with solar-power battery charger)
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    Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead (2010)

    The world as you know it is gone, might as well bring a guitar
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    Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens in Fear the Walking Dead (2015)

    Before phone/cel. service is gone, a number to reach Sgt. Abraham Ford, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene, Carol Peletier, Sasha Williams or Lori Grimes (Rick will probably be unavailable)
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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Negan's "LUCILLE"

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