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Poll: Favorite Member of the John Ford Stock Company

Legendary director and three time Academy Award Winner for Best Director John Ford was famous for using the same actors over and over. These actors became known as the "John Ford Stock Company." Excluding the most famous: John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O'Hara, and Henry Fonda, which of these actors is your favorite? discuss here

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    Ward Bond

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    Harry Carey Jr.

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    John Carradine

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    Ken Curtis

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    Jane Darwell

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    Barry Fitzgerald

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    Francis Ford

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    Mae Marsh

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    Victor McLaglen

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    Vera Miles

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    Mildred Natwick

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    Jack Pennick

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    John Qualen

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    Arthur Shields

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    Woody Strode

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    Patrick Wayne

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    Hank Worden

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