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    Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp playing a normal person again, in a normal movie with a normal plot : no role that would rely on some props or weird clothing, make-up or some transcending, goofy or other surrealist stuff, normal is the key word.
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    Morgan Freeman

    Maybe he's done it before in a distant past, but how about Morgan Freeman playing a VILLAIN, not the bad-guy with redeeming qualities, some street-smart old crook with a heart of gold or a 'respectable' gangster leader, no, a really despicable, loathsome guy, "Nazi-baby-killer" level. Is it possible for the actor with such a divine and authoritary voice he even played God? Well, at least, he'd prove he truly is the Actors' God.
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    Meryl Streep

    Speaking of the the Actors' God, how about the Goddess getting a Razzie nomination (evil laugh). Can you believe it never happened? Well, yes, it's Meryl Streep, but seriously, wouldn't that be a great consolation for the actors below her (which means everyone) to believe that even the Goddess can make a mistake. Or let's just say, she was basically nominated for every single movie award, how about a Razzie to complete the picture?
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    Daniel Day-Lewis

    MAKE US LAUGH : Daniel Day-Lewis won as many Oscars as Jack Nicholson with twice less nominations, in fact, it's quite crazy to imagine that he didn't play more than 20 performances in a 30-year spanning career, yet, he's undoubtedly the male Meryl Streep, the greatest, most versatile and perhaps most untouchable (even Jack had his stinkers) actor. But there's another field where he wasn't given many opportunities to shine : comedy, not the lighthearted dramedy or rom-com à la Liam Neeson, but plain old goofy comedy. Many comedians agree that it's harder to make laugh than cry, but let's see if the greatest actor in the world can take that challenge.
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    Martin Scorsese

    I want Marty. to work with Bobby. No, not Cannavale, Bobby D, Robert De Niro if you prefer. Seriously, isn't that time for these two legends to team up again, make it a gangster picture, a drama, even a supporting role for De Niro but each new film with Leo feels like another wasted opportunity for the greatest director-actor duo comeback. Hell, he can even have Leo too in that film, and Cannavale wouldn't be a bad idea after a second thought.
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    Quentin Tarantino

    Back to the roots... I wish he could get out of his comfort zone and stop relying everything on a revenge story and homages to old-school directors and exploitations fims. I wish he could het back to simpler concepts, set in contemporary times ... and since the guy's got a talent to turn everything he touches to gold, can he revive some old-school actors' careers? Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman or Jack Nicholson ...he could even convince Gene Hackman to have a last symbolic role, even a cameo, how great would that be!
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    Christopher Nolan

    WHY SO SERIOUS? I would like to see Nolan killing his darlings, just for once : cerebral two-hour+ plots, made of mystery and head-scratching theories, spectacular explosions, car chases, and dark, rectangular, moody, dark again, settings ... I wish he could loosen up a bit and make something more flashy, happy, flamboyant for a change... a comedy, that would be a great challenge! (and while he's at it, he can hire Daniel Day-Lewis)
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    Adam Sandler

    WHY NO SERIOUS? I want to see Adam Sandler in a non-comedy movie, with no lame jokes, no make-up and funny faces. I want to see him bust his ass in an Oscar-worthy performance that would catch the fans, the haters, the critics, the Academy, the Razzies, totally off-guard. In fact, it would be like Stallone's career in reverse.
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Speaking of Stallone : That's another case where Stallone has a slight edge, he had made a serious drama with an Oscar-nominated performance. Granted it was the first opus of a million-making franchise but no one knew it at that time. Arnie should have, even for once, HIS great acclaimed dramatic performance, just to show that he's also an actor whose talent doesn't rely on bad-ass one-liners and action-packed movies. Make it a historical film. The Academy loves them and it would give a reason to take Arnie's accent seriously. Or how about a musical biopic, so he can say "I'll be Bach" (sorry)
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    Steven Spielberg

    Who can do more can do less: the proverb says, and I think that should be the measure of a great director to make something entertaining and successful without relying on special effects, exotic locations and prestigious stories ... so I'd love to see Spielberg make a film with a budget that doesn't equal an African country's domestic product and have his Psycho (yep, Hitch did it, and it was his most popular and iconic movie).
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    George Lucas

    Anything but "Star Wars"...Surely, Lucas created the most iconic and the only true purely cinematic mythology, and for that, he'll be forever remembered. But that shouldn't be at the expenses of the few works he made and that had nothing to do with the Star Wars universe. Maybe it's time for him to show that he can make "normal" movies like he did... a long time ago, but still in this galaxy.
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    Tom Hanks

    Another "Back to the roots" syndrome... I wish Tom Hanks could get back to a good old zany comedies like he used to do during his 80's/90's curly-hair period. Now that he won two Oscars back-to-back, a Lifetime Achivement Award, and the eternal respects of movies lovers and critics, why doesn't he stop be so damn serious in his movies ... and make us laugh again with a non-voice over work. Damn, I want to hear that donkey-laugh from the Money Pit again.
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    John Carpenter

    I want for John Carpenter to end his career with a GOOD MOVIE, so that the people don't remember him as ''that director who was cool in the '80s, but has lost his touch as he grew older''

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