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Poll: British Sitcoms Inspired by American Shows

Which is your favorite attempt to translate American laughs into British humor. (if you do not know any of these British TV series, which is your favorite original American sitcom?)


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    The Fosters (2013)

    Good Times
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    The Upper Hand (1990)

    Who's the Boss?
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    Lead Balloon (2006)

    Curb Your Enthusiasm
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    Coupling (2000)

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    Days Like These (1999)

    That 70's Show
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    Married for Life (1996)

    Married...with Children
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    Brighton Belles (1993)

    The Golden Girls
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    Nobody's Perfect (1980)

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    In with the Flynns (2011)

    Grounded for Life
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    Saturday Live (1985)

    Saturday Night Live

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