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Poll: 5 Million Votes Celebration : What Do You Like The Most About IMDb?

On the occasion of reaching 5 Million (5,000,000) votes on over 2200 Live Polls, The IMDb Poll Board community thanks everyone who has shown great interest & helped to reach this milestone. To celebrate we want to ask you - What do you like the most about IMDb?

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    Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington in Avatar (2009)

    Massive collection of Movie/TV Series titles, currently IMDb includes 2,571,742 titles.
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    Christian Bale in The Dark Knight (2008)

    Detailed information about movies
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    Game of Thrones (2011)

    Detailed information about Television series
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    Scarlett Johansson

    Detailed information about celebrities and entertainment professionals, currently IMDb includes 5,316,871 names.
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    Jeffrey Tambor, Jay Duplass, Amy Landecker, Judith Light, and Joey Soloway at an event for 72nd Golden Globe Awards (2015)

    Wide coverage on events, awards & news
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    Bradley Cooper in American Sniper (2014)

    Box office details, status & IMDb Top 250 charts etc.
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    Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain in The Tree of Life (2011)

    Big collection of photos, videos & trailers
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    Henry Fonda, Jack Klugman, Lee J. Cobb, Ed Begley, John Fiedler, E.G. Marshall, Joseph Sweeney, and George Voskovec in 12 Angry Men (1957)

    142 Message boards for fans, contributors & staffs, there is also a message board for every title and name listed in IMDb.
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    Ben Whishaw in Skyfall (2012)

    Easy user interface
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    Matt Damon and Julia Stiles in The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

    Super fast search option
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    Justice League: War (2014)

    Advanced search features
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    TRON: Legacy (2010)

    Personalized user profiles
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    Watchlist, Check-Ins, User created lists, IMDb seen & Quizzes, IMDb's compared to You feature
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    Seth Green in The Italian Job (2003)

    End user data contribution system
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    Fun stuff - Quotes, goofs, trivia, soundtracks etc.
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    Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, Hugo Weaving, Lisa Flanagan, Maddison Brown, Sean Keenan, and Meyne Wyatt at an event for Strangerland (2015)

    IMDb home page - An overall summary of entertainment news, Opening this week, Now playing (Box office), Born today, episode recap, recommended films etc.
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    Index of features and help, IMDb Get Satisfaction and Help Desk
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    Michael Caine in Batman Begins (2005)

    Helpful users of IMDb
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    Kenneth Choi, Ethan Suplee, Brian Sacca, and Henry Zebrowski in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

    IMDb Polls
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    The Theory of Everything (2014)


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