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Poll: They Left Us Hanging!

Sometimes the cancellation of a TV show is only announced after the final episodes of the last season have been filmed. Which often means the writers, directors, actors, etc. haven't been able to tie up all the threads they had been working. Or, even worse, the season ended with a cliffhanger, usually something catastrophic like an unsolved murder or the start of a robbery or attack. When the show is cancelled the viewers don't get any sort of closure.

Of these TV shows that left cliffhangers, which would you most want to see the result of?

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* minimum two seasons on the air

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    Agent Carter (2015)

    At the end of season 2, Jack was left bleeding to death after being shot by a stranger who also stole Carter's personnel file.
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    ALF (1986)

    At the end of season 4, ALF is surrounded by an Alien Task Force.
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    Alphas (2011)

    At the end of season 2, the team unsuccessfully tried to find and disable Parish's photostimulator bombs.
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    Angel (1999)

    At the end of season 5, after nearly everyone was killed and Angel, Illyria, Gunn and Spike are surrounded by demons and dragons, Angel swings his sword and the screen fades to black.
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    Bored to Death (2009)

    At the end of season 3, Jonathan finds out he had been having sex with his half-sister, Rose.
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    Carnivàle (2003)

    At the end of season 2, Sophie finds out she is the biological daughter of Brother Justin, which turns her evil.
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    Chasing Life (2014)

    At the end of season 2, April leaves for Rome to come to terms with her immortality.
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    Dark Angel (2000)

    At the end of season 2, Max and the other transgenics prepare to defend Terminal City from the military.
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    Deadwood (2004)

    At the end of season 3, Hearst wants revenge on Trixie after she shoots him and Al, Bullock and Star kill a random woman to use as a stand in for Trixie to convince Hearst she is dead.
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    The Dead Zone (2002)

    At the end of season 6, John found out his father was still alive and he thought perhaps this would have something to do with his visions of Armageddon and that John's son may have inherited his father's ability.
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    Finding Carter (2014)

    At the end of season 2, Max turns himself in for killing Jared and Ben is left bleeding in the road after being beaten by a drug dealer.
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    Forever Knight (1992)

    At the end of season 3, a ritual is performed which may let Nick become human again, but if it doesn't work, he may turn Natalie into a vampire, let her die or die himself.
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    The 4400 (2004)

    At the end of season 4, the government drug Promicin gets loose and infects Seattle and a new world order threatens to take over.
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    The Glades (2010)

    At the end of season 4, the wedding attendees were waiting for Jim to show up, not knowing his had been shot in the chest.
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    Hannibal (2013)

    At the end of season 3, Will and Hannibal, covered in each other's blood, go over the edge of a cliff.
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    Joan of Arcadia (2003)

    At the end of season 2, God tells Joan there is a new evil waiting in the wings.
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    Kyle XY (2006)

    At the end of season 3, it is revealed that Adam was Kyle's genetic father.
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    Las Vegas (2003)

    At the end of season 5, Delinda, pregnant with Danny's baby, starts to bleed and Cooper casually walks into his own funeral.
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    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993)

    At the end of season 4, Lois and Clark, now married, find a Kryptonian baby who was mysteriously left for them.
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    Moesha (1996)

    At the end of season 6, Miles is being held for ransom and someone finds a positive pregnancy test in Moesha's dorm room.
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    Mork & Mindy (1978)

    At the end of season 4, Mork and Mindy are married and their home is destroyed. The entire world finds out that Mork was an alien and the couple get lost in a time vortex.
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    My Name Is Earl (2005)

    At the end of season 4, Earl has still not finished his list and the true parentage of Earl Jr. is about to be revealed. The last shot of the show was a "To Be Continued" graphic.
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    NewsRadio (1995)

    At the end of season 5, Jimmy buys a new radio station in a small New Hampshire town and plans moving there to start all over.
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    Popular (1999)

    At the end of season 2, the show is over without revealing who Harrison took to the prom, whether or not Josh and Lily consummated their marriage and what happened when Nicole ran over Brooke with her car.
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    Pushing Daisies (2007)

    At the end of season 2, Ned and Chuck are on the Charles' front steps, waiting to show them that Chuck is actually alive and tell them everything.
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    Reaper (2007)

    At the end of season 2, Sam played a game with the Devil to regain his soul and instead ended up losing Andi's to him.
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    Revolution (2012)

    At the end of season 2, the nanobots cause people to have visions which send them to a town in Idaho that seemed to have regained power.
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    Sense8 (2015)

    At the end of season 2, all of the characters got together for the first time to try to save Wolfgang, who was taken hostage by Whispers
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    Sliders (1995)

    At the end of season 5, Rembrandt injects himself with a virus that kills Kromaggs and slides to Earth Prime to regain control.
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    Soap (1977)

    At the end of season 4, Burt is ambushed by thugs, Jessica is about to be executed by a Communist firing squad and Chester is threatening to kill Annie and Danny, and then himself.
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    Southland (2009)

    At the end of season 5, Cooper is left lying on the pavement after having been shot by cops when he went to confront his neighbors.
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    Survivors (2008)

    At the end of season 2, Tom, a former convict who had worked for redemption, stows away on the corporation's plane as they escape - still thirsty for revenge.
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    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008)

    At the end of season 2, John jumped into a future where no one knew who he was.

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