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Poll: Lord Olivier's Best Shakespeare Movie

Laurence Olivier (1907-1989) played many varied roles in a long career in Theatre, Radio, TV and Films. He was famous for his portrayal of some great Shakespearean characters.

His 1948 Hamlet, which he also directed and produced, was the first non-American film to win the best film Oscar. It was also his only acting Oscar win in the nine times he was nominated (which included a nomination for his Henry V in 1944, Richard III in 1955 and Othello in 1965). In his two TV Movie roles, he received an outstanding lead actor Emmy nomination for Shylock (1973) and won the Emmy for his King Lear (1983).

Which of these Film or TV Shakespeare characters was Olivier's best acting performance?

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    Hamlet (1948)

    Character played - Hamlet

    Best Actor Oscar Winner

    Best Film Oscar Winner

  2. Vote!

    Henry V (1944)

    Character played - Henry V

    Best Actor Oscar Nomination

    Best Film Oscar Nomination

  3. Vote!

    Richard III (1955)

    Character played - Richard III

    Best Actor Oscar Nomination

    Best Actor BAFTA Winner

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    Othello (1965)

    Character played - Othello

    Best Actor Oscar Nomination

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    The Merchant of Venice (1973)

    Character played - Shylock

    Emmy - Outstanding Lead Actor Nomination

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    As You Like It (1936)

    Character played - Orlando
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    King Lear (1983)

    Character played - King Lear

    Emmy - Outstanding Lead Actor Winner

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