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Poll: Old Rare or Forgotten Christmas Films: Which Is The One You Would Like To See?

These are old rare or forgotten Christmas films, over 25 years, with low IMDb vote totals (sometimes under 1,000) but have decent ratings (over 6.0). You are not expected to know these films. But judging from their plot summaries, which is the one that interests you to find it and watch?

Warning: One film is a potboiler that is set at Christmas but not generally considered a very Christmassy film. If you have any to suggest that you think others might be interested in viewing but might not know and you want to suggest it, suggest it here. No horror films! I personally learn of new old films every year. P.S. None of these summaries were written by me but by other IMDb users instead. But I did add a few notes.

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    Christmas Holiday (1944)

    Based on a W. Somerset Maugham story set at Christmastime, "Due to inclement weather, Lt. Charles Mason is forced to spend Christmas in New Orleans. Recently dumped by his girlfriend, the depressed Lieutenant falls in with Jackie Lamont, a singer who works at a nightclub and brothel. After attending midnight mass together, she tells her story to Charles. Her real name is Abigail and she fell in love with Robert Manette. After six months of happy married life, Robert is arrested for murder, but Abigail can't help loving her no-good husband. Written by L. Hamre"
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    Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

    The ghosts of three elderly industrialists killed in an airplane crash return to Earth to help reunite a young couple whom they initially brought together.
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    The Great Rupert (1950)

    It is also known as "A Christmas Wish". It is a George Pal puppettoon and live action film, where "A little squirrel with lots of charm accidentally helps two poor, down-but-NOT-out families overcome their obstacles." The squirrel is the animated puppet.
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    The Man in the Santa Claus Suit (1979)

    The mysterious owner of a costume shop rents a Santa Claus suit to three very different men: a math teacher trying to get the nerve to propose, a homeless restaurateur trying to hide from the mob, and a harried political speech writer visiting with his estranged wife and son. Their lives are inexorably changed by their experience of playing Santa Claus. —The Pirate King
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    The Christmas Tree (1969)

    Since the death of his mother, Pascal, ten years old, spends his holidays with his father, the rich Laurent Segur. One day, when diving near the shores of Corse, an aircraft falls into the sea. The holiday goes on happily with Catherine, the young and pretty girlfriend of Laurent. But soon blue marks appear on the face of Pascal. He has been contaminated by a nuclear weapon carried by the destroyed plane, and he won't survive more than six months. There is nothing Laurent can do, except give his son the best six months he has ever lived. —Christophe Tronche
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    The Christmas Tree (1966)

    Outpatient Gary determines to get a tree for the children who will be in hospital for Christmas. He enlists the aid of brother and sister and they set out to find one.
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    Come to the Stable (1949)

    "Two nuns from a French convent arrive in a small Connecticut town with a plan to build a children's hospital. They enlist the help of several colorful characters in achieving their dream including a struggling artist, a popular songwriter, and a renowned racketeer." Written by Daniel Bubbeo
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    The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938)

    "New ocean liner S.S. Gigantic is about to race its rival, the Colossal. Gigantic owner T.F. Bellows sends his brother S.B. on the Colossal, hoping he will cause trouble; delayed by a golf game, S.B. lands on Gigantic instead, and so does his unlucky daughter Martha. Meanwhile, radio emcee Buzz Fielding announces a series of musical acts and tries to juggle fiancée Dorothy and three ex-wives who've come for the ride. Can the Gigantic win against all handicaps? Will true love triumph? Written by Rod Crawford" W.C. Fields plays Santa Claus!
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    An American Christmas Carol (1979)

    "In an American town, an old bitter miser is given a ghostly chance at redemption on Christmas Eve."
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    Fitzwilly (1967)

    "When Miss Vicki's father dies, she becomes the world's greatest philanthropist. Unfortunately, she is flat broke! Her loyal butler, Claude Fitzwilliam, leads the household staff to rob from various businesses by charging goods to various wealthy people and misdirecting the shipments, all to keep Miss Vicki's standard of living. After Fitzwilly's mother died Miss Vicki helped raise him and he loves her like a mother and would do anything for her. With Fitzwilly's encouragement, Miss Vicki writes a "Dictionary for Dopes" which contains all possible phonetic spellings of a word, and gives the reader the correct one, and for that she needs a secretary. Juliet is the one who is hired, soon she is caught up in the intrigue and falls in love with Fitzwilly. They agree to carry out one more caper before they get married, to keep Miss Vicki comfortable for the rest of her days. —Danny Kelly"
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    The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)

    "When the Lemon Drop Kid accidentally steers Moose Moran's girl away from a winning bet, he is forced to come up with $10,000 to repay the angry gangster. Fortunately it's Christmas, a time when people can be persuaded to part with money for the right cause. —Erica Schulman"
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    Yogi's First Christmas (1980)

    "Yogi, Boo Boo and Cindy are awakened from hibernation and join their friends' Christmas activities while interfering with 2 villians' efforts to ruin the holiday."
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    Bush Christmas (1947)

    "In Australia, five children pursue horse thieves through the mountains."
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    Susan Slept Here (1954)

    "On Christmas Eve, a struggling Hollywood scriptwriter receives a very unexpected present: juvenile delinquent Susan Landis."
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    Comfort and Joy (1984)

    "Radio host Alan Bird witnesses how an ice cream van is attacked and destroyed by an angry competitor. This leads him into the struggle between two Italian families, the Bernardis and the Rossis, over whose ice cream vans can sell where in Glasgow. Written by Mattias Thuresson"
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    The Holly and the Ivy (1952)

    "A heartwarming tale of an English minister and his family reunited at Christmas time. Their story includes a remembrance of their WWII trials"
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    The Store (1983)

    " A look at the employees and shoppers at the Neiman-Marcus department in Dallas, Texas during the holiday season."

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