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Featured Poll: Scorpio Directors

These directors are born under the astrological sign, Scorpio, which characterizes every person born between October 23rd and November 22nd.

Which one is your favorite?

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Select from Martin Scorsese, Peter Jackson, and 28 others.

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IMDb Poll Board Movie You Wish You’d Seen on the Big Screen Among all these movies nominated by the IMDb Poll Board members, what is that one movie you wish you'd seen on the Big Screen? Discuss here
IMDb's Best Movies by the Decades Which of these best movies by the decades according to IMDb is the best in your opinion? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.
Badass Fictional Characters With a Beard Which of these badass and iconic fictional characters with a beard is the most memorable? Discuss here
The "Basterds" vs. "Hollywood" Climactic Face-Off ***MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*** (in other words, don't even think of reading the intro, let alone answering the poll, if you haven't seen any of Inglourious Basterds (2009) or Once Upon a Time... In Hollyw…
Face-Off: 'Hereditary' vs. 'Midsommar' Which of the two horror movies directed by Ari Aster is your favorite? Discuss the list here!
Face-Off: Numerical John Cusack Titles Which of these numbered movie titles starring John Cusack are where you'd like to return to? After voting, you may discuss the list here.
Which Movie Superhero Needs a Lawyer the Most Since Superhero work tends to get messy with a lot of destruction, and sometimes a few people getting hurt, other than the main villain. Now it just so happens that it was revealed in The Incredibles …
Hello 'Mr.'!! Which movie with 'Mr.' in the title do you like the most? Minimum of 5,000 ratings; IMDb rating of 6.5 or above. Discuss the poll here
Favorite 'Harry Potter' Character Which is your favorite character from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World? Discuss the list here!
TV-related group costume ideas. Which of these groups would you and your posse most want to dress as for Halloween? Discuss the list here
Scary Towns of Maine Your job is forcing you to relocate to one of its nine locations in the northeastern state of Maine. The deadlier the town? The greater the salary/benefits package, the bigger the company housing they…
Posters with Creepy Smiles Which of these posters looks creepiest? Discuss the list here!
Nicolas Winding Refn's Closet Picks These are the picks of Nicolas Winding Refn at the Criterion closet. Which one would you have picked? Discuss here or listen to Nicolas Winding Refn's commentaries here
Favorite Horror Movies Based on Atmosphere/Vibe Many horror movies use jump scares or gore. However, there's also a category of horror movies that doesn't rely on these aspects and mostly use a scary atmosphere or vibe. Atmospheric horror movies se…
Uchronic Movies "Uchronia" is a literary genre that consists of narrating historical facts with some modifications or fictional ends far from reality. This genre has managed to reach the cinema through thes…
IMDb Top 250 Movies With Average Metascores Which of these IMDb Top 250 movies do you think deserves some more respect from Metacritic? Discuss here
Metacritic's Highest-Rated Video Games Which of these video games with a rating of at least 96/100 on Metacritic is your favorite? Note: Metacritic may give different ratings depending on the console. Only the highest overall Metascore for…
Tough Guy Which of these actors performed best as a "tough guy" character in a TV show or movie? Discuss the Poll Here
Xbox Exclusive Stand-Alone Video Games Which of these stand-alone video games originally released as Xbox exclusives is your favorite? Rule: At least 100 votes Discuss here
Al Pacino, a Legendary Actor - What Is Your Favourite Performance? This year, Al Pacino turned 80 years old. His career is characterized by powerful performances in several different roles. In this poll I would ask you which Pacino's movie interpretation you like mos…
Top Movie 30 Years Ago IMDb celebrated its 30 year anniversary on October 17th, 2020. Here is the list of top rated movies from the IMDb top 250 that were released before IMDb was founded. Which movie do you think would hav…
Memorable Angela Lansbury Performances Angela Lansbury celebrated her 95th birthday on 16-October-2020. Which of her performances do you find most memorable? Alternately, if you are unfamiliar with her work, which performance would you mo…
TV's Greatest Secondary Antagonist Which among these TV characters do you think is the Greatest Secondary Antagonist? Discuss here
Oscar Winners at the Age of 30 Celebrating the 30th anniversary of our favorite website and following the previous "nominees" poll, here are the 11 performances that earned their actors an Oscar win on the year of their 3…
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