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Featured Poll: Best Nostalgic Film

"Yesterday... all my troubles seemed so far away...

With the sad passing of Gloria Katz, writer of American Graffiti (1973) and the release of Alfonso Cuarón's much anticipated Roma (2018), an autobiographical film based on his childhood in Mexico City, let's have a look on all these times of happiness and/or melancholy where nostalgia was brought to the silver screen.

The following fictionalized autobiographies, coming-of-age stories or lighthearted dramas may not all be based on the director's or a writer's early years... but they all have one thing in common: they convey a warm, sad, dreamy or bittersweet feeling of nostalgia either from the narrative or the way the characters (no gangsters included) reminisce about their sweet old memories. And the nostalgia can be so powerful that viewers might feel nostalgic about times or places they didn't even know.

Which of these nostalgic films is your favorite?

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Select from How Green Was My Valley (1941), Dazed and Confused (1993), and 23 others.

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