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Poll: The 10 Worst Films of 2017 According to eCartelera

The staff of Spanish film site eCartelera has made its own ranking of the 10 worst movies of the year. Projects that turned out to be too crazy to work, or had a terrible script, or some other sort of failing. Which one of them do you think was the absolute worst? Discuss this poll here

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    Baywatch (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #1 "What was meant to be two hours of non-stop laughter, ends up becoming a parodic torture with jokes at the ready on the same old clichés."
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    Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #2 "What 'Transformers: The Last Knight' offered from the beginning was an ambitious, indigestible menu, that we all knew would go horribly wrong."
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    The Emoji Movie (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #3 "One hour and twenty minutes of not knowing what to do, repeating the same tiresome point and emphasizing an equally tiring sense of humor."
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    The Dark Tower (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #4 "They have wildly eviscerated an eight-book saga that, thanks to Stephen King's daily constancy in writing, has become one of his greatest works. In the end, [the film] is a jumble that kills this universe's complexity."
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    The Mummy (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #5 "If the film that introduced the first female horror creature of this kind was meant to be the Dark Universe's presentation card, it has failed spectacularly. It doesn't offer anything that makes us want to stay in a world populated by monsters."
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    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #6 "Yes, all of [Guy Ritchie's] crazy effervescence is there, but it also ends up depicting elements that do nothing but hinder the pace and end up weighing down the movie."
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    Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #7 "Can you tell less in a plot than 'Fifty Shades Darker'? Difficult, but the worst of the second installment of the saga isn't that, but the fact that it doesn't give you any incentive to stay awake through its entire runtime."
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    Death Note (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #8 "It completely erases any hint of complexity to, just like the main character, focus on a rather stupid and schematic plot."
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    Bright (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #9 "The last film of the year has scared away everyone in front of it, developing mechanically a good idea and turning the plot into something we've seen 100 times but wrapped in a huge mess."
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    The Circle (2017)

    eCartelera rank: #10 "It pretties everything up too much and doesn't draw well the character transformation arc."

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