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Poll: The Most Impressive Scream Queen ... or King

Scream queens are women in horror movies who scream on facing dangerous situations. It can be the threat of a psychopath or a wild animal or anything else able to hurt or even kill them. No matter what - they are clearly in the role of the threatened victim, even though they might defend themselves or at last strike back. This time there are also male screamers. Which of them do you think is the most impressive scream queen or king to you? (Please count the all-in-all-impression, not the amount of roles and feel invited to vote even when you have seen just a few of them) Help them here.

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    Toni Collette

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    Jamie Lee Curtis

    Scream queen roles: Kim in Prom Night (1980), Elizabeth Solley in The Fog (1980), Laurie in Halloween (1978) and several other movies of the 'Halloween' franchise
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    Eliza Dushku

    Scream queen role: Jessie Burlingame in Wrong Turn (2003) and Erica in Open Graves (2009)
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    Virginia Madsen

    Scream queen role: Helen Lyle in Candyman (1992)
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    Janet Leigh

    Scream queen role: Marion Crane in Psycho (1960)
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    Tippi Hedren

    Scream queen role: Melanie Daniels in The Birds (1963)
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    Fay Wray

    Scream queen role: Ann Darrow in King Kong (1933)
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    Paris Hilton

    Scream queen role: Paige in House of Wax (2005)
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    Jessica Rothe

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    Manuela Velasco

    Scream queen role: Ángela in REC (2007)
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    Nanako Matsushima

    Scream queen role: Reiko Asakawa in Ringu (1998)
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    Simon Pegg

    Scream king role: Shaun in Shaun of the Dead (2004)
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    Nick Frost

    Scream king role: Ed in Shaun of the Dead (2004)
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    Cary Elwes

    Scream king role: Dr. Lawrence Gordon in Saw (2004)
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    Olivia DeJonge

    Scream queen role: Becca in The Visit (2015)
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    Ed Oxenbould

    Scream king role: Tyler in The Visit (2015)
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    Alan Tudyk

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    Tyler Labine

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    Clara Lago

    Scream queen role: Belén in The Hidden Face (2011)
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    Shelley Duvall

    Scream queen role: Wendy Torrance in The Shining (1980)
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    Julie Harris

    Scream queen role: Eleanor Lance in The Haunting (1963)
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    Radha Mitchell

    Scream queen role: Rose Da Silva in Silent Hill (2006)
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    John Cusack

    Scream king role: Mike Enslin in 1408 (2007)
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    Elisha Cuthbert

    Scream queen role: Carly Jones in House of Wax (2005)
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    Jennifer Carpenter

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    Neve Campbell

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    Courteney Cox

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    Mark Patton

    Scream queen role: Jesse Walsh in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) (Considered himself as the first male scream queen) Suggested by nikolayyeriomin
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    Isabelle Adjani

    Scream queen role: Anna and Helen in Possession (1981) Suggested by nikolayyeriomin
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    Roxanne Kernohan

    Scream queen roles: Lee in Critters 2 (1988) and Lead Hooker in Not of This Earth (1988) Suggested by nikolayyeriomin
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    Barbara Crampton

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