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Poll: Favorite "Stranger Things" Cast Addition

The main cast of Stranger Things (2016) is considered one of its best aspects. Which of the characters that were added to the main cast as the show progressed is your favorite?

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    Sadie Sink in Chapter Four: Dear Billy (2022)

    Max Mayfield
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    Maya Hawke in Stranger Things (2016)

    Robin Buckley
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    Dacre Montgomery in Stranger Things (2016)

    Billy Hargrove
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    Sean Astin in Stranger Things (2016)

    Bob Newby
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    Joseph Quinn in Chapter One: The Hellfire Club (2022)

    Eddie Munson
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    Paul Reiser in Stranger Things (2016)

    Dr. Sam Owens
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    Priah Ferguson and Leiloni Arrie Pharms in Stranger Things (2016)

    Erica Sinclair
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    Brett Gelman in Stranger Things (2016)

    Murray Bauman
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    Jamie Campbell Bower in Chapter Four: Dear Billy (2022)

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    Eduardo Franco in Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse (2022)

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    Tom Wlaschiha in Chapter Four: Dear Billy (2022)

    Dmitri Antonov
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    Nikola Djuricko in Chapter Four: Dear Billy (2022)

    Yuri Ismaylov

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