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Poll: Alternate Storylines for Famous Films - Part IV

Which of these alternate plots, based on the titles of the films, do you find the most appealing?

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    Spotlight (2015)

    Reality Show

    "What would you do if you could have anything and everything for a week?"

    A daytime television show in which a real life random person is chosen to be given the chance to live like a celebrity for a week, staying in a grand home and having access to a generous bank account. Every second of their life in this week is recorded.

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    The Lobster (2015)

    Family, Animation

    Ratatouille spin off

    Pixar's latest film followes a lobster who manages to escape from the kitchen of an exquisite French restaurant. But as they say, out of the frying pan and into the fire, as our clawed friend must face the dangers of the outside world. He eventually finds a companion along the way - Remy, from Ratatouille

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    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Action, Comedy, Mystery

    "So" asks Tony Stark, "How old are you?"

    "Not telling!" replies Ultron

    And so begins one of the Avengers' greatest challenges - to discover...what is the age of Ultron?

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    Freddy Got Fingered (2001)


    The tables are turned on Elm Street, as Freddy Kruger accuses one of his former victims, now an adult, of sexual assault. The town's most intriguing court case ensures

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    The Mummy (1999)


    The mother of three now-adult siblings is accused of killing their abusive ex-step father. They are bought to court to act as witnesses to her good character. The trial is inter-cut with flashback scenes of the children's past and their abusive relationship with their ex-father and their mothers' attempts to keep the family together.

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    The Happening (2008)

    Comedy, Sketch

    In Monty Python's new film, old men walk their dogs, math teachers explain algebra, mothers pack their kids' lunches, and the constipated flush their toilets.

    Things happen

    ...and they are happening

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    What Just Happened (2008)

    Comedy, Sketch

    The sequel to Monty Python's successful comedy sees a group of people who happened to witness the happening in the first Happening film happen to try to work out what just happened before any more Happenings happen to happen

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    The Audition (2015)


    A collection of successful and not-so-successful audition tapes from various actors for famous movie roles. Highlights include Robert De Niro's efforts as Sonny Corleone and Steve Carell’s audition for Anchorman

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    Marathon Man (1976)


    Presenting...MARATHON MAN! The new superhero your family will love! His special powers include going for early morning jogs, first-rate fitness advise, and eating 5 fruits and veg a day! That's right kids - 5 a day! So if you can eat 5 fruits and veg a day, you're super!

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    The Elephant Man (1980)

    Action, Comedy, Family

    In this super villain origin story, one man was called 'fat' one too many times. And after falling in toxic waste whilst simultaneously being trampled on by a herd of elephants, he wants his revenge.

    Only one man can stop him...MARATHON MAN! That's right kids, if you eat 5 fruits a day you can be like Marathon Man!

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    My Name Is Khan (2010)

    Comedy, Musical

    Three cases of mistaken identity causes havok as Shahrukh Khan, Salmaan Khan and Imran Khan's all end up with each others' wife during their honeymoons!

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    Being John Malkovich (1999)


    A milestone in technology, this 3D experience allows you, via a VR suit, to walk, talk and live as a famous actor for a day. Height restrictions apply

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    Morgan (2012)


    Morgan Freeman narrates mundane and dull things in his incredibly soothing voice. Doctors have called 'Morgan' the definitive cure for insomnia

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    Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

    History, Drama

    A sprawling 4 hour epic which chronicles the birth of the Jewish faith and writings

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    Tallulah (2016)


    A biopic of Tallulah Bankhead, covering her decorated career and steamy affairs with both male and female co-stars

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    Die Hard (1988)


    Retired and aged war vet Bruce Willis has just one thing left to tick off of his bucket list - to sign off with an erection!

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    Falling Down (1993)


    A lighthearted biopic of Gerald Ford, portrayed by Chevy Chase

    Suggested by alioth4

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    Brazil (1985)


    A movie set in Brazil, particularly on a steamy beach in Rio where swinging guys and gals play and party hard in a sex-fueled summer romp. Rated NC-17

    Suggested by alioth4

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