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Poll: Face-Off: Hollywood Pain vs. B-Pain

I think we all agree that certain film projects can be so bad, they are actually unpleasant to watch. While they can be made entertaining by laughing at them, perhaps with the help of the guys and gals at RiffTrax, on their own they are simply torture!

But there can be different kinds of awful cinema. The bad B-movies have cheap effects, terrible actors, and sloppy editing. Bad films from Hollywood's studios may have more of a budget for visuals and stars, but the dumb plot, over-the-top tendencies, and even cringey performances from the famous can be just as agonizing.

So the question is, which type of shoddy entertainment is worse: stuff from Hollywood or stuff from low budget creators? Discuss here!

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    The Hollywood Experience (????)

    Hollywood's bad movies are the worst! If I have to sit through another generic sci-fi flick...
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    Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

    True B-movies are the worst! It's a miracle people who watch them regularly are still alive!

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