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Poll: Europe's Finest Police Force

Many police/crime TV series take place within the setting of existing law enforcement communities in Europe.

Which of the following real life police departments has the most entertaining (fictional) counterpart on TV?

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    Sherlock (2010)

    New Scotland Yard, London, United Kingdom
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    Forbrydelsen (2007)

    Copenhagen Police, Denmark
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    Derrick (1974)

    Munich Police Department, Germany
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    Salamander (2012)

    FGP Brussels, Belgium
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    Red Rock (2015)

    Dublin Garda Station, Ireland
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    The Team (2015)

    Europol, Joint Investigation Team (JIT)
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    Flikken Maastricht (2007)

    Maastricht Police, The Netherlands
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    Beck (1997)

    Stockholm Police, Sweden
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    Spiral (2005)

    Préfecture de Police, Paris, France
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    Detective Montalbano (1999)

    Sicilian Municipal Police, Italy
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    The Bridge (2011)

    Cooperation between Malmö County Police (Sweden) and Copenhagen Police (Denmark)
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    Kommissar Rex (1994)

    Wiener Polizei, Vienna, Austria
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    Bordertown (2016)

    Lappeenranta Police, Finland
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    El comisario (1999)

    Policia Municipal de Madrid, Spain

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