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Poll: Royal Nicknames in Music

Which one of these Musicians with a Royal nickname is your favorite? Discuss Here

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    Princess of R&B
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    Louis Armstrong

    King of Jazz
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    Paula Abdul

    Dancing Queen
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    Harry Belafonte

    King of Calypso
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    Queen Bey
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    Justin Bieber

    Prince of Pop
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    Mary J. Blige

    Queen of Hip Hop
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    David Bowie

    King of Glam Rock
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    Garth Brooks

    King of Country Music
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    Kylie Minogue

    Princess of Pop
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    James Brown

    King of Soul
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    Mariah Carey

    Queen of Christmas
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    Empress of Pop
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    Céline Dion

    Queen of the 90s
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    Bob Dylan

    King of Folk-Rock
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    Missy Elliott

    Queen of Rap
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    King of Rap
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    Gloria Estefan

    Queen of Latin Pop
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    Ella Fitzgerald

    Queen of Jazz
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    Aretha Franklin

    Queen of Soul
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    Lady Gaga

    Queen of Pop
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    Marvin Gaye

    Prince of Soul
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    Jennifer Hudson

    Princess of Soul
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    Mahalia Jackson

    Queen of Gospel
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    Michael Jackson

    King of Pop
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    King of Rap
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    Alicia Keys

    Queen of R&B
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    B.B. King

    King of the Blues
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    Gladys Knight

    Empress of Soul
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    Queen of Pop
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    Bob Marley

    King of Reggae
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    Freddie Mercury

    King of Queen
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    Dolly Parton

    Queen of Country
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    Elvis Presley

    King of Rock and Roll
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    Ozzy Osbourne

    Prince of Darkness

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