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Poll: New TV Series = New Halloween Costumes

Halloween can be for adults, too, and many adults like to dress up but often find ideas or materials scarce. Fortunately, new television series often offer adults great new opportunities for costumes. Of the following characters from relatively new* series, which one would you most like to "be" for Halloween? (*New series defined here as starting in 2015 or later)

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    Rami Malek in Mr. Robot (2015)

    Elliot Alderson from "Mr. Robot:" Wear jeans, a dark blue hoodie, and a black backpack, and stand in the corner, by yourself. If you stay in character, however, you're not going to be able to enjoy Halloween (or much else) so eventually drop Elliot's social anxiety and have some fun.
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    Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things (2016)

    Eleven From "Stranger Things:" Shopping list includes flesh-colored skull cap or a bad blonde wig, a high-necked pink dress with a white collar, a blue jacket, striped knee socks, white Converses, and a chunky black watch. A bit of fake blood under your nose completes the costume. You can also have some fun staring at objects while a friend "helps" you to "move things with your brain."
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    Michael McKean in Better Call Saul (2015)

    Charles "Chuck" McGill from "Better Call Saul:" Wrap yourself, as shown, in foil, carry a candle-lit lantern, ask people to "ground" themselves, and act very nervous around anything that uses electricity.
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    Alison Brie in GLOW (2017)

    Ruth Wilder from "GLOW:" Ruth's wrestling persona is Russian Zoya the Destroyer, so get your das and nyets ready. Cut up a red bodysuit (make sure you cut the leg holes super-high for that '80s flava), and walk around, with a Russian accent, threatening people and attacking anyone who looks remotely like an American patriot. Bonus points if you sport an Ushanka (one of those big, furry Russian hats)! (Description by yrnej)
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    James Marsden in Westworld (2016)

    Teddy Flood from "Westworld:" The nice guy with a fierce streak, be ready to show off that quick draw.
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    Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright in Westworld (2016)

    Dolores Abernathy from "Westworld:" If you wear the blue dress, you are the not-yet-evolved version of Dorothy, which was programmed to be a "damsel in distress." You have a programmed mantra: "Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty."
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    Thandiwe Newton in Westworld (2016)

    Maeve Millay from "Westworld:" If you choose to dress as Maeve, practice your seductive side and be ready to be as tough as your costume is flirtatious.
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    Mark McKinney and Lauren Ash in Superstore (2015)

    Glenn from "Superstore:" You've got some options here: you can dress up as Glenn dressing up as a promotional hot dog or you can wear his regular work gear of white button up shirt, dark tie, Dockers and a bright blue vest. Either way, the personality is the same: "Jesus is everything, life is FINE all the time and the more kids you can foster, the better." (These last details provided by poll author yrnej.)
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    David Tennant and Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones (2015)

    Jessica Jones from "Jessica Jones:" A costume as easy as long dark hair, ripped up jeans, a white t-shirt or black sweater, a black leather motorcycle jacket, and black work boots. Fingerless gloves and scowling complete the look.
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    David Tennant in Jessica Jones (2015)

    Kilgrave from "Jessica Jones:" Wear a chic purple suit. If you can't control people's thoughts after that suit goes on, fake it until you make it: Give serious stares and lots of intense eye contact.
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    Mike Colter in Luke Cage (2016)

    Luke Cage from "Luke Cage:" You have superhuman strength and you're bullet-proof: cutting holes in your attire is the most important feature of your costume.
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    Rose McIver in iZombie (2015)

    Liv Moore from "iZombie:" Go for a bleached goth look in a white lab coat, the paler the better. You may be a zombie but you're also a smart, cool doctor who can (usually) control herself. If you really want to nail it, carry around a plastic container with "brains" in it (suggestions: #1 - only red and white gummy worms; #2 - pink-tinted rice krispie treats with raspberry syrup drizzled on it; or #3 - cauliflower heads coated in ketchup (not as tasty as the other options). (Description by yrnej)
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    Claire Foy in The Crown (2016)

    Queen Elizabeth II from "The Crown:" An elegant gown and a crown will let people know you're royalty. If you want your friends to know which queen you are, also put on a high-society British accent.
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    Matt Smith in The Crown (2016)

    Prince Philip from "The Crown:" Since there's not much to do as a royal consort, Philip loved parties (according to the TV series, anyway) so this is the perfect costume if your calendar is full of Halloween festivities.
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    Taraji P. Henson in Empire (2015)

    Cookie Lyon from "Empire:" Under the fur coat (it only has to look somewhat real: animal friendly, less expensive costumes are encouraged), wear a revealing leather dress and sky-high heals. Also wear a confident, bossy attitude.
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    Dominic Cooper in Preacher (2016)

    Jesse Custer from "Preacher:" All you need for this is priest's cassock (simple black pants, shirt, and sweater or jacket will due, along with the white clerical collar is fine), heavy stubble, and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. A low, deep voice used to tell people what to do will lock in the authenticity.
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    Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin in Supergirl (2015)

    Supergirl from "Supergirl:" Put on a blue leotard with the mandatory "S" attached, a red miniskirt, red thigh-high boots, and a red cape and you'll probably already feel like a superhero, once you get over feeling foolish.
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    Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

    Michael Burnham from "Star Trek: Discovery:" This Lieutenant Commander is a xenoanthropologist, so take a trip to the library stacks and brush up on cultural anthropology and you'll be a shoe-in for the best portrayal prize.
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    Ellie Kemper in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015)

    Kimmy from "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:" This one's a piece of cake, except your face might hurt from smiling so much; don a hot pink pair of jeans, a floral top, a bright yellow sweater, a backpack, and your cheeriest smile, of course. Playfully jumping in a puddle optional.
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    Tituss Burgess in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015)

    Titus in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:" A flamboyant suit (and, if needed, a "bald-cap") is easy enough; the challenging part will be to learn to sing a selection of Broadway songs - with pizzazz.
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    Elisabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel in The Handmaid's Tale (2017)

    Offred or Ofglen from "The Handmaid's Tale" These friends are part of an underground resistance so you'll want to make sure you're convincing as a handmaid, in order to not arouse suspicion as a resister but, don't worry, party animal, eventually you can break out and have some fun as an uncloseted rebel.
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    O.J. Simpson from "American Crime Story:" Show up in an expensive (or expensive looking) suit and tie with black leather gloves that are too tight and people will get the picture.
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    David Schwimmer and Courtney B. Vance in American Crime Story (2016)

    Johnnie Cochran from "American Crime Story:" You're intelligent, animated, confident, and wear an expensive (but not conservative) suit. You use some legal jargon and say "If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit" a lot. (The actual quote is a bit different but if your friend isn't dressed as O.J. with the gloves on, this update will help out of context.)
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    Jaimie Alexander in Blindspot (2015)

    Jane Doe from "Blindspot:" Get out that black marker or buy stock in temporary tattoos. Optional: her FBI uniform.
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    Colin Cunningham in Blood Drive (2017)

    Julian Slink from "Blood Drive:" The costume for this twisted vaudevillian includes a sinister smirk. As Slink, you live for the spotlight and would do anything for the sake of entertainment but, of course, leave out killing the competition. And remember to brush up on your showtunes! (Source:

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