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Poll: Most Frustrating End of Series Cliffhanger?

These are those final episodes of a really great TV show that leave you wanting more and being unable to attain it.

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    Twin Peaks (1990)

    Cooper's body is revealed to have been possessed by BOB, and his last remark certainly suggests a very unpleasant fate for Annie, made worse since there is no indication of how anyone could find out. Additionally, we don't know if Pete or Audrey survived that explosion.
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    Farscape (1999)

    Crichton finally proposes to Aeryn... only for some alien we've never seen before to come out of nowhere and disintegrate both of them.
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    ALF (1986)

    Alf is about to meet with his people, but the military has also arrived at the rendezvous point.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)

    Robotnik is defeated, but there are implications of a new, far worse villain taking power.
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    Red Dwarf (1988)

    Rimmer literally kicks death in the scrotum and makes a run for it while the ship explodes around him.
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    Soap (1977)

    Jessica is faced with a firing squad. We never found out if she escaped.
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    The Glades (2010)

    Jim got shot, and everyone is trying to find him before his wedding with Callie.
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    Alcatraz (2012)

    Rebecca got shot in the chest by a time travelling inmate, and we have no idea if she survived.
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    Flashforward (2009)

    We never found out the reason for those global blackouts.
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    Stargate Universe (2009)

    Our heroes were still trapped on the spaceship billions of light years away from Earth.
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    Terriers (2010)

    Our two protagonists are at a crossroads between prison for one and fugitive status. We don't know which they chose.
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    Veronica Mars (2004)

    Did the sheriff win the election? Would he face consequences for destroying key evidence against his daughter?
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    V (2009)

    Anna prevails against her mother's plot, the hybrid Amy (Ryan and Valerie's daughter) matures under Anna's control and is able to use the Visitors' "bliss" (mind control) on the human population, and the resistance we've known basically collapses. However, at the end Erica is introduced to a very secret organization in a government bunker (can't remember if it was under the Pentagon), with personnel in the FBI, intelligence, military, and other key organizations--who have all been committed to a deeper resistance against the Visitors.

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