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Poll: Close But No Cigar: The Men Who Weren't Bond

Six actors have played the famous James Bond on the big screen, but besides them, several others were considered for the role, and many came close to nailing it.

Which of these actors who almost played James Bond would have been the best 007?

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    John Gavin

    He was chosen to play James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and even signed a contract, but at the last minute Connery agreed to return and Gavin was fired, altought he received a full pay by request of Albert R. Broccoli.
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    James Brolin

    He was selected to play James Bond in Octopussy (1983) after Roger Moore announced he was leaving the franchise, and he was told to take some months to develop his muscles and agility. While he was doing this, Moore changed his mind and kept the role as 007 for that movie.
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    Henry Cavill

    He was a finalist to play James Bond, but Daniel Craig was chosen instead, Cavill was considered too young.
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    David Warbeck

    Chosen as James Bond when Roger Moore threatened to leave the role if he didn't receive a salary increase. Eventually Moore and the producers settled and Warbeck didn't get a chance to sign a contract.

    He claimed that for many years he was paid an amount to be ready as a substitute Bond if it was needed, but this never came to happen, and by the time the role was available, he was considered too old and Timothy Dalton took his place.

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    Lewis Collins

    After his success in The Professionals (1977), Collins wanted to do movies, and he was approached by Bond producers as a possible replacement for Moore. He was interviewed, but apparently blew his chances when he seemed too aggressive while talking to Broccoli.
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    Richard Todd

    He was one of the favorites to play James Bond in his cinematic debut, and his military background and past roles in war movies gave him extra points, however, other commitments made him unavailable at the time of filming Dr. No (1962).
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    George Baker

    He was among the producers favorites, but he was under contract by another studio, he got to play James Bond as George Lazenby's stunt double in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), but never got to play the role as an official Bond.
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    Patrick Mower

    He claimed he was the first person to know Connery was not returning as Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). He tested for the role but was considered too young. Apparently he was tested again in future movies, but never nailed the role.
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    Giorgos Foundas

    Greek actor Giorgios Foundas claimed he tested for Bond role and was liked by the producers, however, there was not enough time for him to make his English good enough and was eventually rejected.
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    Anthony Rogers

    Having some fame after appearing in Doctor Who (1963), Rogers was one of five finalists for the role in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)], after getting rejected he got no more film or TV credits.
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    Hans De Vries

    Another actor that was part of the final 5 candidates when the role finally went to George Lazenby.
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    John Richardson

    He was the strongest competition for George Lazenby for the role, but eventually he wasn't selected as he needed more gym work to bulk up his muscles.
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    Michael Billington

    He came very close for the role at several times, tested to be James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973), becoming the biggest competition for the role for Roger Moore, he was so close that he remained as a standby actor for Octopussy (1983) and For Your Eyes Only (1981).
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    Roger Green

    A Rugby player from New Zealand, he tested for the role for Diamonds Are Forever (1971). He was acclaimed by Guy Hamilton, Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli and was chosen to play James Bond. However, United Artists didn't agree and saying ‘Not another unknown Antipodean actor please!’, they asked for another actor.
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    Simon Oates

    He was finally selected to replace Lazenby, but before everything was agreed on, Sean Connery accepted to come back. Next time he was considered, other commitments kept him out of becoming a serious contender.
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    John Ronane

    He made it to the final stage of candidates before Roger Moore was selected.
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    Ranulph Fiennes

    The famous explorer was also in the final list of six candidates after "They decided that, rather than get an actor, they’d get someone who’d actually done all the Bond kind of stuff." He accepted, as he needed money for an expedition. Broccoli rejected him because he considered he looked as “a farmer whose hands are too big and clumsy”.
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    Mark Greenstreet

    The original idea behind The Living Daylights (1987) was a prequel showing a young James Bond meeting M, Q and Moneypenny for the first time, and while this script was developed Greenstreet was the favorite to nab the role. As the idea was finally forgotten, he was to young to remain as the character.
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    Marcus Gilbert

    Considered for the role but eventually lost the part to Timothy Dalton.
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    Finley Light

    An Australian model, he was a serious contender for the role when it finally went to Dalton. After failing to be cast as 007 he never had a career in acting.
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    Antony Hamilton

    A strong candidate that came very close to taking the role that eventually went to Dalton, while he was good looking, there are rumors that his sexuality was the reason he wasn't chosen in the end.
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    Sean Bean

    Allegedly, he was the favorite of Barbara Broccoli to play James Bond in GoldenEye (1995), but at that moment she did not have the last word and after being rejected he was given the role of 006 as a compensation. Broccoli would manage to get a blonde and a bit rough Bond when Daniel Craig was selected years later.
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    Nathaniel Parker

    He was on the list of British actors under consideration to play the character in GoldenEye, he said he would love to play the character but was not selected.
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    James Purefoy

    He was considered for the role both when Pierce Brosnan was chosen, and when he left the role and Daniel Craig took his place. Apparently, he didn't have a successful interview when he shared his ideas about the character.
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    Jason Isaacs

    Another candidate for the role in GoldenEye.
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    Mark Frankel

    A young actor that was tested and had a bright career, but that died young in a motorcycle accident.
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    Paul McGann

    Rumors said he was tested to play James Bond, and that he got as far as becoming the backup choice in case Pierce Brosnan couldn't take the role. However, this did not happen.
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    Goran Visnjic

    He was promoted by director Martin Campbell and tested for the role, getting to the final list of four candidates for Casino Royale (2006). However, he was ultimately considered too young for the role.
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    Sam Worthington

    Sources claim he was really close of winning the role from Daniel Craig, and he would have been third place in the search of the latest Bond.
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    Alex O'Loughlin

    In a book, casting director Jane Jenkins claimed O'Loughlin was someone they were very excited about, and the actor claimed the day he tested for James Bond was one of the most exciting of his life. However, just as other candidates, his age eventually played against him and he wasn't in the final list of candidates.

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