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Poll: Wildlife tour guide?

Which of these real life animal experts and/or wildlife adventurers would you want to be your wildlife tour guide?

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    David Attenborough

    Sir David Attenborough: The Life of Birds (1998); The Life of Mammals (2002); Frozen Planet (2011); etc....
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    The Jeff Corwin Experience (2001)

    Jeff Corwin: The Jeff Corwin Experience (2001); etc....
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    The Cousteau Odyssey (1977)

    Jacques Cousteau, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau (1968)
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    Paul Bettany in Creation (2009)

    Charles Darwin:

    ((Photo: Paul Bettany in his portrayal of Charles Darwin in Creation (2009))

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    Sigourney Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist (1988)

    Dr. Dian Fossey: Gorillas in the Mist (1988); etc.... ((Photo: Sigourney Weaver in her Oscar nominated performance as Dian Fossey))
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    Jim Fowler: Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (1963); etc.... ((Photo: Inset photo is of Marlin Perkins. One must assume that larger photo is of Jim Fowler. Source not cited;-))
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    Dr. Jane Goodall participates in the 124th Tournament of Roses Parade.

    Dr. Jane Goodall: The World About Us (1967); etc....
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    Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild (2006)

    Bear Grylls: Man vs. Wild (2006); etc....
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    Serengeti (1959)

    Dr. Bernhard Grzimek: Serengeti (1959); etc....
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    Debbie Gibson and Jack Hanna at an event for The 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2012)

    Jack Hanna: ZooLife with Jack Hanna (1992); etc....
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    Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin in The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002)

    Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter (1996); etc....
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    Charles Martin Smith in Never Cry Wolf (1983)

    Farley Mowat: Never Cry Wolf (1983); etc.... ((Photo: Charles Martin Smith as Farley Mowat in Never Cry Wolf (1983))
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    Nature (1982)

    George Page and Donald Johanson: Nature (1982); etc.... ((Photo: George Page and Donald Johanson during bad hair days? Source not cited))
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    Marlin Perkins: Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (1963); etc...
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    Les Stroud in Survive This (2009)

    Les Stroud: Survivorman (2004); etc....

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