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Poll: "Criminal Minds" Agents

In 2020 after 15 seasons "Criminal Minds (2005)" came to an end.

The series followed a group of profilers from the F.B.I. B.A.Unit as they use behavioral analysis and profiling to investigate crimes and find perpetrators.

During its 15 years, the original cast had several changes and it finally featured 16 agents appearing as major characters in at least one season.

Criminal Minds success also spawned a media franchise and a Korean adaptation.

To celebrate the end of the series, which Criminal Minds Agent is your favorite?

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    Matthew Gray Gubler in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Spencer Reid
  2. Vote!

    A.J. Cook in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
  3. Vote!

    Joe Mantegna in Criminal Minds (2005)

    David Rossi
  4. Vote!

    Kirsten Vangsness in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Penelope Garcia
  5. Vote!

    Shemar Moore and Riki Lindhome in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Derek Morgan
  6. Vote!

    Paget Brewster in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Emily Prentiss
  7. Vote!

    Thomas Gibson in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Aaron Hotchner
  8. Vote!

    Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook, Adam Rodriguez, Aisha Tyler, and Matthew Gray Gubler in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Tara Lewis
  9. Vote!

    Mandy Patinkin in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Jason Gideon
  10. Vote!

    Lola Glaudini in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Elle Greenaway
  11. Vote!

    Adam Rodriguez in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Luke Alvez
  12. Vote!

    Jeanne Tripplehorn in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Alex Blake
  13. Vote!

    Daniel Henney in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Matt Simmons
  14. Vote!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Kate Callahan
  15. Vote!

    Damon Gupton in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Stephen Walker
  16. Vote!

    Shemar Moore, Paget Brewster, and Rachel Nichols in Criminal Minds (2005)

    Ashley Seaver

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