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Ash vs Evil Dead Has Been Cancelled; Bruce Campbell Tweets Emotional Message

Ash vs Evil Dead Has Been Cancelled; Bruce Campbell Tweets Emotional Message
It’s looking like lackluster ratings have nailed the final coffin in Starz’ “Ash vs Evil Dead” as the series has been cancelled. Taking to Twitter, Bruce Campbell gave an emotional message that pays respect not just to the series but also to the history of the Evil Dead franchise itself. “Ash Vs Evil Dead has […]
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Avicii Dies at 28

Avicii Dies at 28
Artist, DJ, and producer Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii, died Friday afternoon in Oman, according to a statement from his rep. He was 28.

“It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii,” the statement reads. “He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th. The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given.”

One of the most popular and successful electronic dance-music artists of all time — he scored a No. 4 hit on the Billboard 200 in 2013 with “Wake Me Up” regularly appeared in the Top 5 of Forbes’ “Highest-Paid DJs” lists — he retired from live performing in 2016 at the peak of his success, citing health reasons. He had suffered from health problems for several years, including acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking.
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‘I Feel Pretty’ Takes In $1M, ‘Super Troopers 2’ Tickets Strong $1.35M In Thursday Previews

‘I Feel Pretty’ Takes In $1M, ‘Super Troopers 2’ Tickets Strong $1.35M In Thursday Previews
Write-thru, 7:44 AM: The preview numbers are beginning to roll in this morning for three new films debuting this weekend: the Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty, Super Troopers 2, and the drama/thriller Traffik about human traffiking.

The Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty from STXfilms danced to a Thursday night preview take of $1M after releasing into roughly 2,600 theaters last night at 7 Pm. For comps, the Schumer starring comedy Snatched grabbed $650K in previews last year and went onto a three-day of $19.5M. The comedy, financed by Voltage Pictures and produced by them with Wonderland Sound and Vision, is still on track to open around $15M this weekend and rolls out to 3,440 locations this weekend.

Grosses came in earlier this AM for the guy-driven comedy SuperTroopers 2, which nabbed a big $1.35M in tickets last night as the sequel to the 2001 comedy cult film enjoyed double features in 925 of its 1,850 theaters.
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‘Avengers Infinity War’: 3 More Potential Cameos, The Giant Budget Revealed & More

‘Avengers Infinity War’: 3 More Potential Cameos, The Giant Budget Revealed & More
We have reached the point in the Disney/MarvelAvengers: Infinity War” Hype Machine where the actors are doing their press junkets. Based on the sheer size of the cast, secrets and news was bound to slip out of the mouths of these actors. And it looks like Sebastian Stan was one of the first Avengers to fall victim to the dreaded “verbal vomit.”

During an interview with the Independent, Stan let out that there is one scene in particular in ‘Infinity War’ where they have pulled together “everybody.” Now, he prefaces by saying he can’t name names but then proceeds to do just that.
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Steven Soderbergh Sets Panama Papers Story as his Next Film

Steven Soderbergh Sets Panama Papers Story as his Next Film
Steven Soderbergh’s return to the big screen has been coming off in a big way as he’s released Logan Lucky and Unsane in the past 8 months. Now he’s setting his sights on the infamous Panama Papers story for his next project, and will be titled The Laundromat. The story will focus on the leak of 11.5 million papers, take that number in for a moment, that were leaked by the Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca. In fact Panamanian officials strongly protested the use of their country’s name in the scandal long ago as it was

Steven Soderbergh Sets Panama Papers Story as his Next Film
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'A Quiet Place' Hopes to Hold off Newcomers and Return to Weekend #1

'A Quiet Place' Hopes to Hold off Newcomers and Return to Weekend #1
Audiences may already be looking ahead to Avengers: Infinity War, but this weekend could feature an interesting battle among the top three. While we're expecting A Quiet Place to return to the weekend's #1 spot, the race could be a little closer should Rampage hold on better than expected or if Amy Schumer's new comedy I Feel Pretty outperforms expectations. The weekend also sees the release of Fox Searchlight's Super Troopers 2 and Lionsgate's release of Traffik into a moderate number of locations. Beginning with A Quiet Place, the horror/thriller has already brought in nearly $110 million and is poised to top recent horror hits Split and The Conjuring. With Paramount adding another 219 locations for a total of 3,808 theaters, we're anticipating a 36% drop and a three-day right around $21 million. Come the end of the weekend the film should top $130 million domestically. Look for Dwayne Johnson's Rampage to
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‘Smallville’ Star Allison Mack Accused of Recruiting for NXIVM, Group Accused of Sex Trafficking and Branding Women

‘Smallville’ Star Allison Mack Accused of Recruiting for NXIVM, Group Accused of Sex Trafficking and Branding Women
Actress Allison Mack, known for her work on the superhero TV series “Smallville,” was arrested Friday and accused of recruiting women into a purported self-help organization, NXIVM, in which they were required to work and have sex with the group’s leader, Keith Raniere, prosecutors said.

U.S. attorney Richard P. Donoghue said in a statement Friday that Mack recruited women for Raniere, and that the women were “exploited, both sexually and for their labor.” He said Mack, who was arrested in Brooklyn, New York, is accused of “directly or implicitly” requiring women “to engage in sexual activity with Raniere. In exchange for this, Mack received financial and other benefits from Raniere.”

Raniere was arrested in Mexico in March. He traveled there after The New York Times published a report in October about the group branding women. Mack’s involvement with the group has long been a subject of speculation: She can be seen in a series of conversations posted to YouTube last year, smilingly interviewing Raniere about his teachings.

His charges in March involve sex trafficking and conspiring to force labor. According to Donoghue, Raniere, known within the group as “The Vanguard,” created “a secret society of women whom he had sex with and branded with his initials, coercing them with the threat of releasing their highly personal information and taking their assets.”
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The Powerful Final Scene in Scandal's Series Finale Includes a Pretty Sweet Cameo

The Powerful Final Scene in Scandal's Series Finale Includes a Pretty Sweet Cameo
Attention lovers of liberty: spoilers for the series finale of Scandal lurking below!

Did you really think Shonda Rhimes was going to let Scandal's final episode end without one last squeeze of your tear ducts? The epic series finale, "Over a Cliff," is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. There's the crushing death of a beloved character, the conclusion of Olivia and Fitz's will-they-or-won't-they relationship, and even a jailhouse wedding. But the best moment of all comes in the episode's last few minutes.

Shortly after we see Olivia strutting through the National Mall in her trademark white trench coat one final time,
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Libby Vincek (‘Survivor: Ghost Island’) exit interview: Fish eyeballs tasted like ‘salty squishy gummy worms’

As Gold Derby readers predicted, Libby Vincek was voted out of “Survivor: Ghost Island” this week in Episode 9. This 24-year-old superfan from Houston, Texas was seen as too much of a threat by her fellow tribe mates, but the real nail in her coffin was when Michael Yerger used his hidden immunity on himself. Michael would have gone home without that advantage, but since he used it, the person with the second highest number of votes was eliminated instead: Libby. We had a chance to ask Libby five burning questions following her ouster, so check out her written responses down below.

Gold Derby: After watching the show on TV for so many years, what surprised you the most about actually being out on the island?

Libby Vincek: One always questions if anything had changed, or if they help with anything out there. They don’t. It’s as real as it gets out there,
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‘Westworld': Here Are Some Characters to Watch for in Season 2 (Photos)

  • The Wrap
‘Westworld': Here Are Some Characters to Watch for in Season 2 (Photos)
Resume all motor functions.

In “Westworld” Season 2, we’re going to learn more about the nuts and bolts of Delos and get introduced to Shogun world, but there are also several characters that had smaller parts in Season 1 who we’ll be getting to know better as the story continues. Based on the trailer and Season 2 photos so far, here’s who we’re expecting to see more of this season.

Charlotte Hale

Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) is the executive director of Delos Destinations. In Season 2, we’re going to see her in the park “at the mercy of the hosts like everyone else.”

Lee Sizemore

Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) begins Season 2 as Maeve’s “unwilling hostage.” Quarterman told TheWrap that he’s going to spend some time in Season 2 helping the host find her daughter.

Ashley Stubbs

We last saw security chief Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) captured by some Native Americans hosts on his search for programmer Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodward). He’s with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in the trailer, so we know he makes it out somehow.


We get a brief glimpse of host Clementine in the trailer, so we’re happy to assume that she recovers from her lobotomy last season.

Hector Escaton

You probably remember host Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) from that fiery sex-suicide scene with Maeve from Season 1. We don’t know how he’ll be reintroduced, but we’re guessing from this photo that he’ll be just as badass as last season.

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Bill Cosby Retrial: Comedian’s Legal Team Struggles to Produce Key Witness

Bill Cosby Retrial: Comedian’s Legal Team Struggles to Produce Key Witness
Bill Cosby retrial judge Steven T. O’Neill is deliberating until Monday on whether or not to allow portions of a key witness’ previous deposition to be read to the jury, as the defense has requested. The witness, Sheri Williams — purportedly a close friend of Cosby’s alleged sexual assault victim Andrea Constand — has not responded to subpoenas, according to the defense attorneys, who have tried in vain to question her for Cosby’s retrial.

Cosby’s defense team believes Williams would have special insight into their allegation that Constand plotted to lie about Cosby assaulting her for money.

Witnesses that the defense did procure for the stand on Friday made for relatively brief and unrevealing interviews. Debbie Meister, a Cosby personal assistant, produced documents of his past itineraries and flight schedules. Prosecutor Kevin Steele made short work of having Meister, who began working for Cosby in 2010, clarify that she was not present in 2004 when Constand’s alleged assault took place.

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Another witness, executive assistant Kimberly Harjo, testified similarly to helping create Cosby’s schedules and itineraries. Steele pressed her to admit that she couldn’t produce documentation regarding Cosby’s personal, rather than business, schedule and that all of her documentation would have happened before any of his scheduled events actually occurred.

Judge O’Neill rejected defense attorney Tom Mesereau’s request to question the day’s final witness, Robert Russell — described as a former close friend of Constand’s — about hearing Constand allegedly state that it was a goal of hers to come to the United States to become a millionaire. Russell’s questioning on the stand was concluded abruptly after he testified that he had not spoken to Constand since 2001 and wasn’t even aware she had moved to the U.S. after they fell out of touch.

Cosby is being re-tried on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, stemming from former Temple University employee Constand’s accusation that the comedian molested her in 2004 at his home outside of Philadelphia.

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Cosby’s initial trial in the matter ended in a mistrial in July 2017 after the jury was unable to reach a verdict following five days of deliberations.

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Watch ‘Westworld’ Panel at Tribeca Film Festival Awkwardly End Right After Cringeworthy Fan Question (Video)

  • The Wrap
Watch ‘Westworld’ Panel at Tribeca Film Festival Awkwardly End Right After Cringeworthy Fan Question (Video)
The “Westworld” panel at the Tribeca Film Festival took itself offline Thursday after its very first question from the audience.

The hit HBO sci-fi series’ slot at Tribeca’s 2018 gathering saw co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and cast members Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright and James Marsden, discuss the upcoming Season 2 with a moderator.

It was followed by a Q&A session that included exactly one question, which ended up being a fan’s request for Nolan — who co-wrote “The Prestige,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” and “Interstellar” with his brother, Christopher Nolan — to read his screenplay.


Also Read: Why 'Westworld' Star Evan Rachel Wood Turned Down 'Mean Girls' (Video)

“We love the show and how it’s able to keep the audience captivated,” the audience member said. “We love this show. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us. Just a side thing for Jonathan, my brother and I we’re huge fans of ‘Interstellar.’ You wrote that, and we’re actually aspiring screenwriters as well and that inspired us a lot. And you’ve touched something within us and we hope one day we can share our screenplay with you.”

Nolan thanked him before he could continue, and then the moderator said it was getting late and shut that thing down.

While it’s obvious that the majority of the room was not thrilled that was the only query the group answered before things wrapped up —- as they audibly groaned in unison in the video — the festival said the panel didn’t end because of the nature of the question.

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“The moderator portion of the panel ran long and we had time for one question during the Q&A and that was the question,” Tribeca’s Executive Vice President of of Communications & Programming Tammie Rosen told TheWrap Friday.

Watch the clip below. The awkward part starts around the 50:00 mark.

Westworld” Season 2 premieres Sunday at 9/8 c on HBO.

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Tribeca TV: Westworld

Watch a Live conversation with James Marden, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Jonathan Nolan, and Lisa Joy at #Tribeca2018. Westworld is back and more mind-bending than ever.

Posted by Tribeca on Thursday, April 19, 2018

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2018 Daytime Emmy reels: Susan Seaforth Hayes (‘Days’) could win Best Supporting Actress along with Lifetime Achievement Award [Watch]

2018 Daytime Emmy reels: Susan Seaforth Hayes (‘Days’) could win Best Supporting Actress along with Lifetime Achievement Award [Watch]
Susan Seaforth Hayes has earned her fifth career Daytime Emmy nomination for her role as Julie Williams on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” a role she has played since 1968 — that’s an astounding 50 years in one role. She’s up for Best Supporting Actress this year, and she previously contended in the lead category in 1975, 1976, 1978, and 1979. But Hayes is already guaranteed to be a winner on Emmy night as she and her husband Bill Hayes — who also plays her onscreen husband on “Days” — will be honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Can Hayes’s acting submission help her bring home two Emmys in the same night on April 29? The winners in the drama acting categories have already been decided by blue ribbon panels that viewed sample performance reels. Watch Hayes’s reel above.

The submission begins with Julie being told over the phone that her son has been killed in a motorcycle accident.
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‘I Feel Pretty’ and the Long History of ‘Sexy Baby’ Voice on Screen

‘I Feel Pretty’ and the Long History of ‘Sexy Baby’ Voice on Screen
Michelle Williams is an unexpected scene-stealer in this weekend’s “I Feel Pretty,” but take a closer listen — the Oscar nominee’s vocal performance contributes to an ongoing conversation about gender and voice.

Williams plays cosmetics CEO Avery LeClair in the Stx comedy, a model of feminine perfection styled within an inch of her life and suffocating under the pressure it brings. The character serves as an ideal for Amy Schumer’s self-loathing protagonist, but also a lightning rod thanks to her insanely high-pitched voice.

This tone infantilizes her character no matter how serious the conversation she’s conducting as a businesswoman.

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“She is the object of ridicule because of her unfortunate voice,” Williams said during her press tour for “I Feel Pretty” this week.

Williams handles the affectation like a pro, playing up her own saccharine sounds for laughs, but Avery LeClair is the latest in a long line of “sexy baby” types that invite derision and spark debate.

“In the past seven years or so, there’s been so much attention paid to the female voice. From vocal fry to the baby voice. There has always been a cultural anxiousness about gender and voice,” Karen Tongson, an associate professor of gender studies at the University of Southern California, told TheWrap.

The most popular example of the sexy baby voice comes from a 2011 episode of “30 Rock” that centers entirely around the phenomenon. Cristin Milioti plays a guest writer on the fictional sketch series created by Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon — she is scantily clad, pridefully promiscuous and constantly coming on to men in the workplace. And, of course, her voice hits the highest registers possible.

In an NPR interview the same year, Fey recalled the real-life incident that inspired the episode. It was from a college acting class.

“This beautiful, voluptuous little tiny actress had one of these tiny voices. She was doing a monologue, and one of my acting teachers, he very gently said, ‘Ok. I want you to do the monologue again, and I would like to use your adult woman voice,'” Fey told Fresh Air host Terry Gross.

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The actress dropped her pitch and spoke in her true voice, Fey said, “and all the other women in the class looked at each other like, ‘I knew it!””

Tongson said the “30 Rock” episode “essentially presents those anxieties, particularly for feminist-identified and working professional women — that they are subjugating themselves to certain expectations around femininity and softness. If someone is speaking in a higher tone, it diminishes authority.”

Examples are everywhere. On the highly-bingeable Bravo series “Imposters,” Israeli actress Inbar Lavi offers a masterclass in voice work as she plays a con woman always assuming new identities. One of those is a ditzy, cleavage-baring assistant trying to romance her boss. In his presence, she speaks in the register of a toddler.

During Kristen Wiig’s time on “Saturday Night Live,” one of her most popular recurring characters was a vampy redhead named Shana. Her shtick was a combination of sexy baby voice and the transatlantic accents of Hollywood’s golden age, who used her exaggerated manners to command the attention of men in any given situation.

“Look earlier in culture at ‘My Fair Lady,'” Tongson said. “We’re talking about how accents mark class. It informs your identity in so many different ways. Whether its a type of accent, tone, the words you choose. It can really mark where you belong in a social order.”

This vocal scrutiny is not just limited to scripted content. Two months ago, Jimmy Kimmel devoted an entire segment on his late-night show to call out a contestant named Krystal on “The Bachelor.” He crowned her as having “the most annoying voice in ‘Bachelor’ history,” and played a supercut of her cooing exaggerated greetings.


Reality kingpin Kim Kardashian West’s tendency to drop from sky-high registers to a groggy low — known as “vocal fry” — is also the subject of internet mashups and hot takes.

Consequences get higher outside the safety of philosophical musings and observations in entertainment. Real women often change or mask their voices in everyday situations, sometimes to damaging effects, Tongson said.

“Women in professional situations speak much lower than their actual tambour. I worked with a speech therapist because I was having vocal module issues … I was speaking much lower in the classroom than what my natural vocal box was built for,” Tongson said.

“That has to do with associating with deeper voices and authority. It’s a common problem. Speech therapists I’ve worked with said it’s a completely common issue for women and it can damage people’s voices and create physiological harm,” she concluded.

We pray no Michelle Williams’ were harmed during the making of “I Feel Pretty.”

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Harvey Weinstein Seeks Emails He Says Will Help Him ‘Defend Himself’ in Court

Harvey Weinstein Seeks Emails He Says Will Help Him ‘Defend Himself’ in Court
Harvey Weinstein filed court papers in Delaware bankruptcy court on Friday seeking emails from The Weinstein Co. that his lawyers say will help him defend himself in civil proceedings and criminal investigations.

“It is critical that Mr. Weinstein be granted access to e-mails relevant to the certain civil proceedings and criminal investigations and that are in the Debtors’ possession, as they were sent or received by his TWC e-mail accounts,” the papers read. “The Debtors’ continued refusal to permit Mr. Weinstein to access these emails has significantly impinged his ability to effectively defend himself from these allegations and is a continuing deprivation of his due-process rights.
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ESPN’s Bomani Jones Gives Us His Take on the Podcast Craze, Social Issues Invading Sports

It’s always the right time to listen to the unique voice of Bomani Jones, but now the ESPN host is airing his frank opinions on sports and social issues on a podcast instead of his long-running radio show.

“I think the biggest difference is that it’s more concentrated,” Jones told TheWrap of the podcast that airs Tuesdays and Thursdays. “What we really want to do is take the best of what we were doing before and just kind of trim the fat, give people the best concentrated version of what I have to offer,” he said.

“The Right Time With Bomani Jones” podcast reboot premiered earlier this month and Jones’ upcoming daytime television show with Pablo Torre is set to debut this spring from ESPN’s new Seaport District Studio.

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Jones’ new show continues ESPN’s push into the world of podcasts, which includes a “30 for 30” series on yoga guru Bikram Choudhury, plus other recently debuted shows “Jalen and Jacoby,” “Sports? With Katie Nolan,” “Marty Smith’s America” and “The Plug” from Undefeated.

While they’ve still a solid roster of radio and TV shows along with new streaming platform ESPN+, what makes podcasts the new go-to platform? On that, Jones, as usual, had plenty of thoughts.

“If you do a radio show for 15 hours a week, you’ve got to please so many different people because everyone in radio is trying to grab that elusive listener for 15 minutes,” Jones explained, comparing the two formats. “With a podcast, you are dealing with people who are opting in, it is your most dedicated diehard fans and people who are making a conscious decision to walk in the door.”

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One way he wants to cater to those diehards is by doing less interviews.

“On the radio show, I would try and do interviews such as with a beat writer for a team as a way to share information on a story and then I would give my opinion on it,” he said. “But we won’t have to do those nearly as much. If we’re coming off an NFL weekend and we’re trying to figure that the games are to talk about, now we don’t have to talk about that second or third game — we can focus on whatever the biggest game was.”

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Podcasts are also a “far more intimate medium” than television, Jones continued. “With a podcast, I think it’s really a chance to get in touch with those people who want to be there the most.”

As for why he thinks podcasts have become such as trendy medium, especially since the success of “Serial” in 2014, Jones said it is because anyone can do one.

“Not anybody can do a very good one, but in terms of theory, anyone can set up a microphone, run it into their computer and then go do a podcast,” he explained. “Regardless of whether the person has a public profile or not, they can say ‘this is something that I could put out there for people.'”

Like social media, Jones said, “Podcasts allow a lot of those people just to have regular conversations, and there is a demand that comes from the listener… It makes them feel like they are a lot closer to people who are otherwise untouchable.”

Despite this explosion in podcasts over the last few years, “I still don’t think people know what a podcast is,” Jones marveled. “For me, a big part of putting this together is how it will evolve and for me learning not just what a podcast is but what a podcast can be. The page is so wide open right now, which makes it really attractive to a lot of people because no one is really telling you, ‘this is how we have to do it.'”

Jones, left, on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable”

In terms of topics covered, the boundaries of sports and politics have increasingly blurred since President Trump took office, such as NFL player protests and NBA stars clashing with a certain Fox News host. With a masters degree in politics, economics and business, it is only natural that listeners expect Jones to comment on topical social issues.

“Me going outside of the realm of sports has always been dictated by what is going on in the realm of sports,” Jones told TheWrap. “We had a situation at the end of 2016 and early 2017 where the real world topics were coming up in a way that mattered when came to sports, so we talked about the immigration ban because you had NBA players who were potentially caught up in that.”

As for the new podcast, “I think we will fill the show with sports as much as possible as that’s what people come to us for. But once you are there, you’ve got to take it wherever you need to go to answer a question. If that comes from somewhere else, that’s where I am going to go to, but I don’t think it is effective to ramrod politics into your sports discussion because it doesn’t do you any good to talk if there ain’t nobody listening.”

Obvious exceptions have included when boxing legend Muhammad Ali died, as you couldn’t cover his life story without talking about the Nation of Islam, “which is not the easiest thing to do,” Jones said.

“What makes it a little bit different for me is that I am kinda good at it [talking about social issues]. There are a lot of people that when these issues come up, they look at me as they feel like I am a person who can address them,” he said. “I think in the time that I have worked this job, I’ve managed to do this without having any kind of giant controversy over any kind of observations I’ve made.”

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Box Office: ‘A Quiet Place’ Topping Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’

Box Office: ‘A Quiet Place’ Topping Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’
John Krasinski’s horror-thriller “A Quiet Place” is heading for a domestic box office victory with about $20 million, topping Amy Schumer’s comedy “I Feel Pretty” and Dwayne Johnson’s “Rampage,” early estimates showed Friday.

Fox’s launch of fan-funded “Super Troopers 2” could nearly double recent forecasts, and is set to finish in fourth place with about $11 million at 2,038 location, including $1.4 million from previews. Lionsgate’s opening of “Traffik” is heading for a moderate debut of $4 million at 1,046 venues.

Paramount’s third weekend of “A Quiet Place” should win what will be a quiet weekend as the horror-thriller continues to draw surprisingly well. The tale of a family under attack in a remote forest has grossed a healthy $111 million in North America in less than two weeks, including a stunning $50 million opening on April 6-8.

STXfilms’ “I Feel Pretty” is poised to take in about $17 million at 3,440 locations this
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Noah Emmerich Joins Sacha Baron Cohen in Netflix Drama ‘The Spy’

Noah Emmerich Joins Sacha Baron Cohen in Netflix Drama ‘The Spy’
Noah Emmerich has been cast in the upcoming Netflix drama “The Spy” opposite Sacha Baron Cohen.

The six-episode series tells the story of Eli Cohen (Baron Cohen), a spy for Israel in Syria in the early 1960s. Cohen managed to embed himself into Syrian high society and rise through the ranks of their politics. His actions, connections, ultimately his death have had lasting consequences, shaping the Middle East as it is today.

Emmerich will play Dan Peleg, described as a charming, rumpled and brilliant Mossad trainer. He is wise, wary and stubborn, and has a tendency to blur the boundaries between the personal and professional.
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How '80s Comedies and Hollywood Beauty Standards Helped Inspire 'I Feel Pretty'

How '80s Comedies and Hollywood Beauty Standards Helped Inspire 'I Feel Pretty'
[This story contains spoilers from I Feel Pretty.]

In this era of Hollywood revivals and reboots, there's still one beloved throwback genre that hasn't yet been dusted off for 2018 audiences: character-driven comedies from the '80s like Big, Tootsie and Working Girl. At least, that's according to writer-directors Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein — who released their latest, and first title they helmed, I Feel Pretty, in part to fill the void.

Kohn and Silverstein are perhaps best known for writing romantic comedies like Never Been Kissed, He's Just Not That Into You andValentine's Day and the more dramatic...
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Bruno Mars is the early front-runner to win at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards with 8/5 odds

Bruno Mars is the early front-runner to win at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards with 8/5 odds
The 2018 Billboard Music Award nominations were just announced on April 18, but already there is an early front-runner to win Top Artist of the Year. As of this writing Bruno Mars leads with 8/5 odds based on the combined predictions of Gold Derby users who have entered their picks in our predictions center thus far. But there’s still a month to go before the winners are announced on May 20, so the momentum could swing.

Mars is coming off a clean sweep of the Grammys where he won all six of his nominations including Album of the Year (“24K Magic”), Record of the Year (“24K Magic”) and Song of the Year (“That’s What I Like”). But the Billboard Awards aren’t decided based on quality, per se. They’re judged by combining record sales, streaming performance, radio airplay, touring performance and social media engagement, much like the Billboard charts themselves are determined.
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