Episode Recap: CSI: NY - 7.15: "Vigilante"

  • PopStar
Women work-out at a gym. That was a conspicuous gym, who'd want to work out displaying themselves to any old pervert or weirdo. Not to mention voyeurism! And it was on the ground floor too, that's just inviting trouble. A man outside watches a woman leave and follows her. A 911 call is made reporting a murder about to occur right now, by what sounds like a man, at first. That voice was too mechanical, emotionless and monotone to be an actual voice. Instead of a dead woman, as we'd expect to have been found, it turns out to be a dead man. He was "beaten, bound and gagged, shot three times - it's about to happen..." Flack (Eddie Cahill) reports the call was made at 11pm by an unidentified caller. Mac (Gary Sinise) comments every Vic of the Prospect Park rapist was found within a mile of where the Db was dumped.
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