Tmp Interviews: Kathi Carey, Award Winning Director of 'One in Nine'

Separate stories of three individuals whose lives are

completely changed by the same three words:

“You Have Cancer.”

Like Crash and The Hours:

One in Nine … how many women do you know?

One in Nine was never a movie award winning screenwriter and director Kathi Carey intended to make. She had already said all she needed to say about a topic feared and endured by so many people with her acclaimed film Reflections of a Life. Yet there’s no stopping fate, and the demands of fans and her husband’s brilliant idea on just how she could make a feature film while keeping Reflections intact made it impossible for Kathi to ignore that she must make this film.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Kathi about One in Nine, who also directed Worth which is a film that has also garnered numerous accolades. We spoke about One in Nine,
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