Episode Recap: CSI: Miami - 8.12: "Show Stopper"

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A singer bursts into flames on stage and is pronounced dead by the EMTs. Ryan (Jonathan Togo) points out their evidence is on the gurney, but her doctor, Dr Beckham (Alan Ruck) isn't interested. Ryan did however manage to snag the costume. Calleigh (Emily Procter) wonders how the world's greatest popstar could have caught fire and survived. Ryan says she didn't survive. Horatio (David Caruso) arrives. The way Horatio drove to the Cs in slow motion with the crowd outside, looked like they were all waiting to see him! Me Tom (Christian Clemenson) is in a bit of a huff since he can't get access to the Vic. Horatio telling them to get out of his way, cos he's taking charge of the situation. Me Tom doesn't see any signs of edema from the lungs so she wasn't breathing when on fire. Horatio spells it out, "She was already dead.
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