Keating and Szubanski confirmed for Goddess

Irish singer Ronan Keating and actress Magda Szubanski have joined the cast of the musical romantic comedy Goddess , which will feature more than 15 songs.

“The script will make the most of the vocal talents of Ronan and [female lead] Laura Michelle Kelly, as the songs are the centre-piece of the script. The office is abuzz with excitement as we prepare to start shooting in a few weeks’ time,” said Fsm’s Steve Dunn, who will act as executive producer.

Goddess will be directed by Mark Lamprell and produced by Richard Keddie. Fsm has invested in the film and will manage data on set, as well as VFX, digital intermediates and post-production.

Judy Morris will be the musical director.

Production will begin in April, shooting in Sydney, Tasmania and in the studio. The film will be completed by December.
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