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Fern | Chilean Miners: What Happened Next? | Neil Morrissey: Care Home Kid | Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee | Spartacus: Gods of the Arena | Bored to Death

Fern 5pm, Channel 4

Since Richard and Judy left for pastures new, and of less impressive viewing figures, Channel 4 has filled its teatime slot with cheap, cheerful and often great reality-ish shows such as Come Dine With Me and Coach Trip. Now they're going back to the live chat format, with Fern Britton making an overdue return to our screens as the Oprah-style host. Expect famous types, musical guests and a focus on real-life stories. Rebecca Nicholson

Chilean Miners: What Happened Next?

7pm, BBC2

The 33 men who spent some two months trapped underground in a mine shaft became a global media story. Then, when they reached the surface, they had to deal not only with the trauma of their experience, but the difficulties of their new-found fame.
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