Psycho Holocaust starring Trent Haaga arrives to DVD June 21

Psycho Holocaust "When a dream vacation turns into a nightmare of madness and macabre!"

From independent horror filmmaker Krist Rufty (Cutting Room!) comes a descent into madness and deprivity starring Raine Brown (Don't Look in the Basement!), Trent Haaga (Killjoy 3), Vanelle (Exhibit A-7) and Billy Garberina (The Stink of Flesh) of Psycho Holocaust.

On a scorching summer day 6 friends venture into the mountains for one more vacation before their lives change forever. Unbeknownst to them, their lives would forever be changed anyway. In the shadows awaits a pack of the most evil, the most vile, rejects of humanity that's addicted to violence and thirsty for blood! This is Psycho Holocaust...

Just remember to tell yourself, it's only a movie..... it's only a movie. According to Amazon, Psycho Holocaust will be coming to DVD this June 21st from Independent Entertainment in a region free disc with the following special features:
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