Underground Film Links: March 13, 2011

Production equipment savvy? Living in Calgary or looking to move there? The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers wants to hire a Production Coordinator to help manage their equipment. Visit their site for details.Speaking of Canada, Rhizome has a cool video from a ’70s Canadian arts show where artist Evelyn Roth discusses crocheting sculptures out of videotape. Plus, Rhizome finally has their archives back online.Then, Experimental Cinema has news of a DVD of Canadian filmmaker Joyce Wieland’s films being released.Are female horror directors on the rise in the U.K.? Eleanor McKeown investigates for Electric Sheep.Then, for Peaches Christ’s website, Michael Varrati sticks up for the much maligned slasher genre. Hear, hear! They’re just damn fun, is all!Listen to the mellifluous voice of Mike Plante discussing his new Cinemad distribution effort.Landscape Suicide has some very lovely stills from Hollis Frampton’s underground classic Zorns Lemma,
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