Profile: Bob Connolly, a life of observation

After a long absence, director Bob Connolly returns with Mrs. Carey’s Concert. Miguel Gonzalez spoke with him about his life in documentary.

Connolly was not the type of child that dreamt of working on TV or film. When he dropped out of an Arts Law degree in 1964, he joined the ABC as a cadet journalist. He did “reasonably well” and ended up doing a stint in New York. When he returned in 1968, he joined a current affairs program, first as an assistant producer, and ultimately working as an on camera reporter.

“But I was hopeless at the studio, like a stunned mullet, terrified of live stuff. My brain used to go blank!” he admitted.

So Connolly was sent to work on the show’s “Sunday stories”, doing five-minute reports until, three years later, he was asked to do a half-hour story for the documentary series A Big Country. It was his first observational work,
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