[TV] Eddie Griffin: You Can Tell 'Em I Said It

I'm on the fence about Eddie Griffin's latest stand-up special, You Can Tell 'Em I Said It. On one hand, the man is genuinely funny, a firebrand vulgarian whose trained, exaggerated body language only adds to the shock-value comedy that is his calling. There's no denying that Mr. Griffin's comedy occasionally leans on the now-ancient trope of "white people ____ like this, black people ____ like that", but I can hardly blame a comedian for playing the race card. There's an honesty to Griffin's delivery, a genuine intellectual appeal mixed with a overtly potty mouth that dispenses an extensive vocabulary of adult-only words.

This alone would somersault him above a middling career that in the last decade included flops Redline and Irish Jam (a film that, unsurprisingly, received its worst reviews in Ireland). In my opinion, Griffin peaked as an actor in John Q, and Undercover Brother was certainly a guilty pleasure.
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