Wls Interview Archive: Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson stole the show at the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards with his heartfelt and tear-filled acceptance speech for Outstanding Lead Actor in Anacostia.  In case you missed it, here is our interview from December, 2010, which spotlights Anderson's accomplishments in indie soaps as well as plans for the future.

Few indie soaps have amazed and inspired as much as Anthony Anderson's Anacostia.  Without star power or ties to Hollywood, Anderson has set the Indie Soap Revolution on its ear by spinning traditional soap elements into fresh and innovative character development and plot twists. Yet, as you will see in this interview, Anderson doesn't just work tirelessly day and night on producing a quality show.  He also is devoted to giving back to his real-life community of Anacostia, as well as promoting the wellness of gays and African-Americans across the United States.  Please join us for this revealing interview
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