New 'Captured Bird' Poster mixes 'Alice in Wonderland' with 'Dario Argento'

We don't usually put up new posters ("one sheets", as the "industry" calls them), but we really really love this one for Jovanka Vuckovic's upcoming short horror fantasy film The Captured Bird.

The poster image was painted by Richard Raaphorst and artist Sander Brouwer, and shows a child sauntering into an embellished dark skull cavern dripping with - with - what?. Since Guillermo del Toro is the executive producer, I'm not suprised to see a Pans Labyrinth sentiment - a young girl facing a fantastical image, away from the viewer. There's also an Argento-esque Suspiria-ish color scheme and a Disney's Black Cauldron-style to the art that I have sorely missed since 1987. I also sense some Ralph Bakshi/Phanton Tollbooth shit going on.

So, enjoy your damn poster, kids:
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