Academy Award Film Series: Phillippe, Dillon Among Highlights of Simple-Minded, Oscar-Winning 'Race Drama'

'Crash' movie: Ryan Phillippe. 'Crash' movie review: California tossin' and turnin' Screenwriter Paul Haggis' multiple award-winning directorial debut, Crash, is set in a Los Angeles that is part Quentin Tarantino, part Paul Thomas Anderson, part Spike Lee, part Bret Easton Ellis. Haggis' L.A. also happens to be a place with precious little in common with the Southern California metropolis located on Planet Earth. In the film, Haggis and co-screenwriter Robert Moresco tell us – or rather, scream at us – that the Angeleno boiling (definitely not melting) pot is about to explode at any moment, as Los Angeles denizens spend all their spare time hating, fearing, misunderstanding, and cheating on one another. And perhaps much of that is true, except that most of that hate, fear, misunderstanding, and cheating have absolutely nothing to do with ethnic or national differences. But not in this particular L.A., situated in some warped La
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