Watch Goya Awards Online – Live Streaming: Sinde Law / WikiLeaks Controversy

Assumpta Serna: Viva Wikileaks Today we've got the British Academy Awards, the American Society of Cinematographers Awards and the Spanish Academy Awards. You can watch live streaming online of the Goya Awards (that's the Spanish Academy's trophy) from Madrid's Teatro Real at (British Academy, why don't you do the same next year instead of this year's absurd two-hour tape delay?) Protesters against Spain's new anti-piracy law are outside the theater. Right-wingers in the United States may call Wikileaks a "terrorist" organization, but many around the world think otherwise. Thanks to Wikileaks, Spaniards found out that their new anti-piracy law proposed by Minister of Culture Ángeles González Sinde was apparently a result of pressure from the Us government, itself working as an agent for the Hollywood majors and the top record labels. Many have seen the Sinde Law not as an attack on piracy, but as an attack on the Free Internet.
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